Cần giúp đỡ? Gửi một vé hỗ trợ

Before you submit a support ticket, we suggest that you consult our product help files and view frequently asked questions. If you need additional help, we encourage you to address any questions, comments, and concerns via our customer ticketing system.

Attention! Submitting support tickets is only for users with paid subscriptions and for certain free trial versions.

Để gửi một vé hỗ trợ khách hàng, bạn có hai lựa chọn:

  • Option #1: Open "SpyHunter" > click the "HelpDesk" icon in the main menu > and click on the "Submit a Support Ticket" button.
  • Option #2: Click here to log in to "My Account" or log in using the login box in our website’s header. Next, in the "My Account" sidebar, click on the link "Open a new support ticket".

Once you've submitted a support ticket, a support technician will contact you directly.