How Does RegHunter Work?

To enjoy the features and benefits of RegHunter, you must purchase a subscription. With your paid subscription, you will get access to RegHunter's features and tools.

RegHunter provides a number of features designed to optimize the user's experience, increase personal privacy and free up disk space.

Scan Your Windows Registry

Scan your Windows Registry for potentially invalid and unnecessary data.

RegHunter is tailored to provide the tools capable of handling demanding tasks, yet remain simple enough for a first-time computer user. The RegHunter Registry Scanner can be easily accessed and executed with just a few clicks. RegHunter will perform a scan of your Windows Registry and identify potentially invalid, obsolete or unnecessary entries.

To find out more details about specific items, RegHunter lists each individual item detected with its key, name and solution.

Secure Deletion with RegHunter's File Shredder

Permanently delete sensitive data with advanced deletion algorithms.

RegHunter includes a powerful built-in File Shredder function, that allows you to permanently and securely delete files from your computer using advanced algorithms, including those utilized by the U.S. Department of Defense, to eliminate the possibility of deleted files being recovered at a later time. Paid subscribers can select from a variety of advanced deletion methods, including US DoD 5220-22-M, German VSITR, Russian GOST p50739-95, and NIST 800-88, amongst others. The File Shredder function gives you the ability to securely erase individual files, directories, associated alternate data streams and even entire hard drives. RegHunter's File Shredder integrates directly into Windows Explorer for increased ease of use, and also allows you to securely erase the contents of your Windows Recycle Bin at your convenience in a matter of clicks! RegHunter's File Shredder is the perfect solution to reliably and securely erase an unused hard drive before decommissioning it to sell or donate.

RegHunter's File Shredder feature allows users to easily and securely delete personal data which can offer added protection in a day and age where identity theft and privacy concerns are significant issues for many users.

Privacy Scan

Protect your online privacy.

RegHunter helps you to maintain your digital privacy by providing you the ability to scan and selectively remove your web browsing history and other unnecessary traces left behind from day-to-day web surfing. RegHunter can also scan for and remove temporary files and other remnants from web browsing sessions.

Duplicate File Scan

Free up wasted disk space by removing unnecessary duplicate content.

Nowadays, with the proliferation of huge media files and other Texas-sized content, your hard drive space may seem to diminish by the day. In the shuffle of day-to-day downloading and file organization, it can be easy to inadvertently leave extra unneeded copies of large files scattered across your computer's file system. To address this problem, RegHunter incorporates a powerful duplicate file scanner that uses advanced algorithms to scan your system for unnecessary duplicate content. RegHunter's Duplicate File Scan analyzes files based on their actual content to identify exact duplicates - it does not rely on filenames, metadata, or other potentially inaccurate identifying features. RegHunter's Duplicate File Scan will conveniently and logically group identical content, allowing you to selectively prune unnecessary files to free up valuable disk space.


Quick access to optimization tools.

RegHunter provides quick access to a variety of tools designed to optimize your Windows system. The Optimization section allows you to easily remove unneeded Windows Service Pack Backups, Windows Event Logs, and perform registry defragmentation functions. Although freely available as a feature of Windows, this section of RegHunter also provides convenient shortcuts to Microsoft Windows' built-in Disk Defragmentation and Disk Cleanup functionality.

Registry Monitor

Monitor changes to Windows auto-start settings.

For advanced users who wish to maintain a higher level of control over their system, RegHunter offers a Registry Monitor function, that can monitor your Windows registry in real-time to detect any changes to autostart registry locations. This functionality is designed to inform you when malware and other programs attempt to add themselves to specific locations in your registry to enable themselves to automatically start with Windows.

User-Friendly Interface

RegHunter is designed with all types of computer users in mind.

The user interface of RegHunter is specifically designed to provide both novice and experienced computer users an interactive and user-friendly interface to manage and optimize their systems. RegHunter's HelpDesk gives paid subscribers direct one-on-one access to our customer support team through an integrated ticketing system. The user-friendly features and customization options of RegHunter, combined with its integrated HelpDesk, assures users that they are only a few clicks away from an expert computer technician.

Full Array of Features

A wealth of features and functions that work best for your needs.

RegHunter offers a vast array of built-in features that go beyond a simple registry cleaner. RegHunter offers advanced functions designed to help optimize your system and increase the privacy protections for your personal data. With features such as a File Shredding function, Duplicate File Scanner function, and Defragmentation tools, RegHunter gives you powerful features to effectively maintain your system and address detected issues.

RegHunter HelpDesk

Connect directly to a skilled technician for advanced troubleshooting.

If, at any time, RegHunter is unable to directly resolve a specific issue, the RegHunter HelpDesk is able to provide paid subscribers personalized one-on-one technical support. The RegHunter HelpDesk is an interactive feature integrated into RegHunter. The HelpDesk function will allow our technicians to diagnose and fix issues that may be unique to your machine.

Satisfaction is our main objective. If you are not completely satisfied with RegHunter, we offer a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of your RegHunter subscription purchase.

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Certifications & Independent Test Reports

RegHunter had been independently tested and received the certifications and/or test results set forth below.

By becoming Certified by AppEsteem, RegHunter has met the 100+ App Certification Requirements (ACRs) demanded by AppEsteem for its strict guidelines for clean software while keeping in mind the values of transparency and consumer-protection as part of its design policies.
To provide reassurance with online security and privacy, RegHunter is CERTIFIED as a Trusted Download Program by TRUSTe, which is the leading online privacy solutions provider.

RegHunter Features

Let RegHunter do all the work while you sit back and relax! RegHunter's main features available to paid subscribers are listed below.

Registry Scan

Scan your Windows Registry for potentially invalid and/or unnecessary keys and data. Resolve detected issues in a matter of clicks!

System Monitor

Easily view all active processes running on your system through RegHunter's easy-to-use interface.

Easy System Optimization

Perform system optimization tasks through a simple, easy-to-use interface.

One-on-One Technical Support

RegHunter's interactive HelpDesk gives you access to one-on-one customer support through a user-friendly ticketing system that connects you to expert computer technicians.

RegHunter Updates

Receive the latest registry issue detection updates to ensure RegHunter's ability to detect and fix the most recently discovered registry issues.

Simple Defragmentation

Easy access to tools to help you to defragment your hard disks, Windows Registry and additional databases.

User-Friendly Interface

RegHunter utilizes a user-friendly interface designed with both novice and advanced computer users in mind.

File Shredding

RegHunter utilizes advanced methods to permanently and securely delete files from your computer with RegHunter's File Shredding feature. You can also use RegHunter's File Shredder to securely shred traces of deleted files remaining in your Windows Recycle bin and securely wipe hard disks.

Duplicate File Scanner

Quickly identify and delete unnecessary duplicate content on your computer to potentially free up large amounts of valuable disk space.