Important Steps to Prevent Malware Infection

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You can't simply rely on an anti-malware or anti-virus program. You also need to adopt a good malware prevention and handling policy to prevent malware attacks from entering in the first place. The following steps provide important security measures to prevent malware attacks.

Prevention Step #1

Please make sure you have an updated anti-virus software running and re-scan your system.

Prevention Step #2

It is important to clean up your browser every time after removing malware using SpyHunter Program.

To clean up you IE browser:

  1. Click the "Tools" menu, and then click the "Internet Options" menu item.
  2. On "General," change the "Home page" (the default home page) to your desired home page.
  3. Then click "Delete cookies," "Delete files," and "Delete history." Click "OK" button.

You may also want to increase the security settings on your browser to block potential spyware and adware as you browse the Internet. To increase the security settings on the IE browser, click the "Security" tab, and customize the settings so that it prompts you before saving files and installing programs to your computer. You don't have to disable them, or change them all, but we recommend you set all ActiveX content at least to prompt, since ActiveX tends to take the most liberties if you enable it. With a high security setting on your browser, you may lose the functionality of some sites, so it is recommend that you adjust it to suit your needs.

Prevention Step #3

You must uninstall unwanted programs that come bundled with malware. Do you have any program that you do not use or that you cannot identify or freeware, shareware, or file-sharing programs (example: Screensavers Programs, Search Bars, Kazaa, Limewire, Morpheus, iMesh, etc.)? Most freeware, shareware, free screensavers, search bars and file-sharing programs may have spyware built into their programs. One of the reasons you may still be getting popups is because when you download a free product onto your machine you may usually get massive annoying advertisements in form of pop-ups or your machine may become damaged from a program that was not fully tested.

To uninstall unwanted programs that come bundled with malware, go into your "Control Panel", select "Add/Remove Programs", and uninstall any programs that you don't recognize or don't use. You may have to go into Safe Mode to delete some of these.

Prevention Step #4:

Run SpyHunter regularly. If your bad web surfing habits continue to lead you into getting infected with malware, then you will need to run SpyHunter on a regular basis (for convenience, you can schedule scans with SpyHunter's Scan Scheduler) to detect and remove any new malware in your machine. It is also advised to practice good web browsing habits. Bad web browsing habits is one of the main reasons that users get continuously infected with malware.

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