Reasons Why SpyHunter May Not Automatically Remove Malware Infections

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One major reason SpyHunter may not completely remove your infection is because you may be infected with a mutating malware infection such as a trojan or rootkit. A mutating malware infection is extremely difficult to remove automatically because it changes into an unidentifiable form inside your system. Therefore, SpyHunter offers a feature called Spyware HelpDesk that will allow us to identify the mutation and create a custom fix for your infected system. SpyHunter's Spyware HelpDesk feature will let you generate a diagnostic report (Support Log) that takes a snapshot of the configuration of your system and allows our technicians to quickly and efficiently assist you with malware removal issues.

Before you send us a diagnostic report (Support Log) using SpyHunter's Spyware HelpDesk, please continue to read this article for important steps to follow to prevent malware from re-entering your computer or go to "List of Common Problems After SpyHunter Removes an Infection" for a list of common malware removal issues that cannot be easily fixed and instructions on how to fix those issues.

Send us a Diagnostic Report (Support Log) to Fix Malware Issue

After following the instructions above, if SpyHunter was not able to remove your malware infection automatically and every time you restart your computer the scan keeps showing that you still have infected files or registry entries, in order to assist you on this matter you must:

  • Send us a diagnostic report (Support Log) by directly going to the integrated customer support system in the SpyHunter (click on the "Spyware HelpDesk" tab to send a diagnostic report known as a Support Log). Qur technical support team will not be able to assist you without a transmission of a Support Log.

    For instructions on how to send us a diagnostic report (Support Log), go to "How to Send a Diagnostic Report (Support Log)".

  • Submit a customer support ticket indicating that you have transmitted the Support Log. To submit a customer support ticket, you can either log in to the "My Account" page or open SpyHunter to go to the Spyware HelpDesk section. Please do not forget to open a customer support ticket after sending the Support Log.

Note: If you have only cookies re-occurring after a scan, you are not infected and you do not need to send us a diagnostic report (Support Log). Please go to "Cookies Re-Occurring on Every Scan" article for detailed information on re-occurring cookies and how to deal with cookies re-occurring after a scan.

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