ESG MalwareTracker

The ESG MalwareTracker Map provides a live coverage of computers infected by malware in a particular geographic region (i.e., by continent, country, state, or locality) anywhere on Earth. This map allows you to view the latest malware infection trends in real time and check malware outbreaks in your specific locality.

How was ESG MalwareTracker's Data Collected?

The ESG MalwareTracker shows data of malware infections collected from our diagnostic report logs of computers scanned by our SpyHunter Spyware Scanner. The data is updated daily and it displays malware trends for a 30-day period.

Top Malware Infected Countries

A list of the countries which faced the most malware attacks.

Malware Infection Graphs

A live graphic coverage of suspected and confirmed infections worldwide. These graphs indicate the trend of malware infections attacking PCs on a monthly and daily basis.

Daily Malware Infections

Monthly Malware Infections