How to Activate SpyHunter 5

If you have downloaded SpyHunter 5, follow these instructions to register and activate your account.

If you have not yet purchased SpyHunter 5, you can register SpyHunter 5 by opening SpyHunter 5 and clicking on the "REGISTER!" button, which is located at the top of SpyHunter 5's "Home" screen. You will be redirected to our purchase page where you will be asked to enter your customer details along with a valid email address. After a successful payment, the system will send an email confirmation to the email address that you have provided during the purchase process. This "Account Information" email will contain your account information and the details that you will need to activate SpyHunter 5.

Note: You only need to activate SpyHunter 5 if the yellow "REGISTER!" icon is visible at the top of the main SpyHunter 5 window Screenshoot. If you do not see the "REGISTER!" icon, it means that your SpyHunter 5 program has already been activated.

To activate SpyHunter 5:

  1. First, open SpyHunter 5 and click on the "Settings" icon in the main SpyHunter 5 window Screenshoot.
  2. The "Account" tab should be visible, by default, when the "Settings" window opens. Below "Activate Your Account" type your registered email address and password, sent to you in your "Account Information" email, into the two fields in the "User Details" section. Then, click the blue "Activate User" button Screenshoot.
    Note: When you input your account information, please type it in exactly as it appears in your "Order confirmation" email.Upon successful activation, SpyHunter 5 will display a notification and a "Valid User" text will appear above the grayed out "User Activated" button.

If you have purchased SpyHunter 5 and followed these instructions but are still unable to activate SpyHunter 5, please contact our support department. You can reach our support department by calling +1-888-360-0646 (US only) or +1-727-386-7260 (International) and choosing option 2. You can also contact our support department by emailing

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