LSP Chain Protection

SpyHunter 5 can also be configured to protect the Windows Layered Service Provider (LSP) chain.

The LSP chain is a series of DLLs that all network traffic to or from your computer passes through. The LSP chain is typically populated by Microsoft DLLs, as well as legitimate third party antivirus and/or firewall DLLs. Malware may also attempt to embed itself within the LSP chain, and an LSP chain infection may lead to large numbers of popup advertisements, as well as potential compromise of confidential personal data.

If activated, SpyHunter's "LSP Chain Protection" feature is designed to continuously monitor your LSP chain registry settings for unauthorized modification. To activate this protection, select the "Activate LSP Chain Protection" (3) checkbox in the "Network" tab.

When this feature is activated, SpyHunter 5 will prompt you if a program attempts to modify your LSP chain registry settings. When prompted, you may opt to allow the modification or restore your previous configuration.