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EnigmaSoft provides anti-malware solutions with premium technical support to empower you against the effects of the ever-present threat of malware.

The "Enigma Software Group" ("ESG") consists of a group of affiliated companies organized in numerous jurisdictions globally. Historically, all of ESG's management and employees, including developers, researchers, customer support, quality assurance, and marketing teams have been located in the European Union. Since 2016, ESG has consolidated certain key elements of its global operations in our offices and world headquarters in the city of Dublin in the Republic of Ireland.

ESG operates out of the Republic of Ireland because it provides access to both European and non-European markets, is the only English speaking country in the Eurozone, and it attracts the brightest talent from across Europe and the rest of the world. Ireland is in geographical proximity and a convenient time zone to the jurisdictions where our global customers in Europe and North America are located. As such, we are able to provide a timelier and efficient service to our customers. Furthermore, Ireland is one of the "best business friendly" countries in the EU and the world for technology companies and other global groups of affiliated companies like ESG. For example, the city of Dublin serves as the European headquarters for a number of top U.S. high-tech firms. Most are clustered in an area dubbed "Silicon Docks" which is a nickname for the area in Dublin around Grand Canal Dock, stretching to the International Financial Services Centre (or IFSC), city centre east, and city centre south near the Grand Canal. The nickname makes reference to the US "Silicon Valley", and was adopted because of the concentration of global headquarters of high-tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and the numerous startups in the area. The number of tech professionals working in technology firms in the area exceeds over 10,000 firms. These were some of the key factors why ESG's management team believes why Ireland provides an ideal hub for our European and global operations.

For over a decade, ESG, and its group of affiliated companies, specialized in the development, distribution, and marketing of PC anti-malware software, PC optimization software, consumer security software products, online security analysis, adaptive threat assessment, detection of PC security threats, and custom malware fixes to our millions of paid subscribers worldwide. Our subscribers are individual users, businesses, and governmental agencies who subscribe to our service over the Internet.

ESG is also the exclusive creator and distributor of a PC optimization utility called "RegHunter" which is designed with powerful features that may optimize your computer for a better, faster and more efficient PC performance. You can obtain a semi-annual subscription of RegHunter. RegHunter may improve PC efficiency and performance and prevent computer crashes and freezes by checking the central Registry file of a PC for harmful, superfluous or other disruptive data-set items, detecting registry issues, cleaning up junk files, recovering unused memory space, shredding old unwanted documents, defragmenting hard drive discs, identifying large double files that take up valuable memory space, deleting personal data from registry files to protect users' privacy, reducing system start-up times and automatically repairing potential registry maintenance problems. In the event of an unresolved registry issue, RegHunter subscribers at no extra charge may utilize free technical support and updates using RegHunter's HelpDesk feature.

EnigmaSoft Limited ("EnigmaSoft"), an Irish company, a member of the "Enigma Software Group of Affiliated Companies", with offices and global headquarters located on 1 Castle Street, 3rd Floor, Dublin, Republic of Ireland D02XD82 is the creator and known for its PC anti-malware remediation utility and service under the tradename "SpyHunter". The current versions of EnigmaSoft's SpyHunter are SpyHunter 5 and SpyHunter for Mac. SpyHunter detects and removes malware, enhances Internet privacy, and eliminates security threats; addressing issues such as malware, ransomware, trojans, rogue anti-spyware, and other malicious security threats affecting millions of PC users on the web. SpyHunter is available as a semi-annual subscription service. The SpyHunter subscription includes a technical support service called Spyware HelpDesk. If a subscriber is not able to resolve a malware-related issue through SpyHunter, or just wants the added security of having the assistance of a live technical support agent, our "Spyware HelpDesk Service" directly connects subscribers with our technical support team. SpyHunter technical support agents can even provide customized malware fixes individually tailored to a subscriber's PC, which can be automatically applied by SpyHunter.

EnigmaSoft has designed SpyHunter as part of its mission to develop security software designed to address the increasing distribution of malware, potentially unwanted programs, security vulnerabilities, and privacy issues. SpyHunter is designed with the goal of returning ultimate control to the individual computer user. To learn more about SpyHunter, visit SpyHunter's product page. You may also learn more about how SpyHunter categorizes malware, PUPs and other objects by visiting our Threat Assessment Criteria.

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