Most Trending Adware in the Last 2 Weeks

# Threat Name Severity Level Alias(es) Detections
1. 'Amazon Loyalty Program' Pop-Up Scam
2. 'I hacked your device' Email Scam
3. Apps Browser Extension 20 % (Normal) 13,846
4. 'Your device has been infected with 27 viruses' Pop-Ups
5. DNS Unlocker 20 % (Normal) 458,396
6. '' Email Scam
7. 'Your Google Cloud Was HACKED' POP-UP Scam

Last updated: 2023-05-22

Threat Name Severity Level Detections
'' Pop-Ups
'' Pop-Up Notifications
'Wacker' Email Virus
'wants access to control'
'Warning: Hyper-V Manager' Pop-Up
'WARNING! 41 threats found!!!' Pop-Ups
'' Pop-Ups
'We have installed one RaT software into your device' Email Scam
'We have noticed excessive POPUP ADS or SECURITY ISSUES on your Windows 7 computer!' Pop-Ups
'WhatsApp Gold' Scam
'White Trader' Virus 20 % (Normal) 4,731
'Win an iPhone!' Pop-Up Ads
'Windows 10 may be in Danger' Pop-Up Scam
'Windows 10 Pro Update Failed' Pop-Up
'Windows Anti Hacking Department' Pop-Ups 80 % (High) 30
'Windows Defender Alert: Zeus Virus' Tech Support Scam
'Windows Defender Alert' Pop-Ups
'Windows Defender Browser Protection' Tech Support Scam
'Windows Error Code: DLL011150' Scam
'Windows Error Code: WIN.DLL0151930' Pop-Up Scam
'Windows Firewall Blocked The Internet Due To Security Breach' Pop-Ups
'Windows Firewall has Detected that Your Windows is Damaged and Irrelevant' Scam
'Windows Health Is Critical' Pop-Ups
'Windows Is Resetting Itself' Pop-Ups
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