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'Wacker' Email Virus

By GoldSparrow in Adware

Recently, users have reported being targeted by a new online tactic. This new con is called the 'Wacker' email virus. The targeted users would get an email that is titled 'Wacker – Customer Enquiry <RANDOM NUMBER>.' It is likely that every target is assigned a unique number, which shows up in the email title. The fraudulent email is disguised as a legitimate message sent by the Wacker Chemie AG company. This is a corporation involved in the chemical sector. You can rest assured that the Wacker Chemie AG company has nothing to do with the 'Wacker' email virus – this an unsafe tactic run by unknown cyber crooks.

The goal of the 'Wacker' email virus is to propagate a threat called NetWire RAT (Remote Access Trojan). According to researchers, the victims are chosen randomly, and there is not a specific demographic, which is targeted by the 'Wacker' email virus. The fraudulent email contains a fake '.XLS' file. At first, this may seem like a harmless spreadsheet, but this file is macro-laced and would trigger the execution of the NetWire RAT if you launch it. The NetWire Trojan is not a threat that should be underestimated. If this RAT manages to compromise your system, it may allow its operators to get almost complete control over your computer and the data stored on it.


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