'Windows 10 may be in Danger' Pop-Up Scam

'Windows 10 may be in Danger' Pop-Up Scam Description

The 'Windows 10 may be in Danger' pop-up is a fake warning telling you to remove system junk and possible viruses immediately. To do so, the pop-up urges you to click on a "Proceed" button within the next two minutes, to check your computer for viruses. When you do so, the fake warning pop-up morphs into a phony system scan, resulting in a list of counterfeit viruses that supposedly took your PC hostage.

Unlike other pop-up services of similar nature, the one we’re talking about here redirects PC users to Total AV's authentic product page, so no scheme here. Yet, it's pretty strange to see a legitimate anti-virus software being promoted via what appears to be a false malware warning. Why is it incorrect, you'd think?

You wouldn't get an actual virus warning message for a start unless you already have an AV solution running on your system. Even if you did have one and that one wasn't Total AV but a competitive product, why would that competitive AV scanner urge you to purchase a similar product elsewhere? You got it right; it doesn't make sense at all.

However, what makes sense is that the guys who distribute the 'Windows 10 may be in Danger' pop-up may have some ulterior motives. They will most certainly be monetarily compensated for every incited purchase made due to their fake warning. If you wish to download and install Total AV or any other anti-virus software, always use official download sources provided by the corresponding program vendor.