Threat Database Adware 'Windows Error Code: WIN.DLL0151930' Pop-Up Scam

'Windows Error Code: WIN.DLL0151930' Pop-Up Scam

The 'Windows Error Code: WIN.DLL0151930' is a tactic used by a website that mimics a technical support website for Windows computers. The attackers behind these rogue websites try to convince users that their computers are infected with some threatening malware by displaying fake security alerts and system warnings. Once a user falls into that trap and calls the given number or contacts the fraudsters in any other way, they ask him to pay for unnecessary technical support services or buy some rogue anti-malware tool.

In some cases, the 'Windows Error Code: WIN.DLL0151930' even asks users to allow remote access to their computers, which is even worse for the victims' cybersecurity. Such permission allows the attackers to extract information, and respectively, collect money from the victims' bank accounts or misuse their identity for other harmful purposes.

To make its claims more convincing, the 'Windows Error Code: WIN. DLL0151930' "blocks" the user's computer by downloading various files constantly, which will make the browser irresponsive eventually, and simulates some of the symptoms of a severe malware infection. If that happens, the only option to close the non-responding browser is to open the Task Manager and end the process from there.

In many cases, adware such as the one behind the 'Windows Error Code: WIN.DLL0151930' may redirect users to such pages'. Therefore, users experiencing these redirects should check their computer for adware.


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