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ElementaryType is classified as an adware application due to its main purpose for existing being the delivery of intrusive advertisements. It is designed to target Mac users specifically. Applications such as ElementaryType are typically not installed by users willingly. Instead, they rely on deceptive marketing tactics to sneak themselves onto computers and devices. One of the more popular strategies is to hide their installation process as an optional selection located several layers deep into the installation menu of another more popular freeware application. Another popular method is for the adware application to be propagated through fake software updaters or installers.

When ElementaryType established itself on the user's computer it might attempt to harvest various sensitive data such as browsing and search history. The information will then be used so that the application can deliver advertisements tailored specifically for the particular user, thus increasing the chances of them being clicked.

While adware-type applications are not considered a major security risk, users should still attempt to remove them from their devices as soon as possible. Furthermore, users should abstain from clicking on any of the presented advertisements as they could redirect to threatening third-party websites. Pages offering downloads of additional PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) or even fake applications with malware threats packed inside them are not that uncommon.

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