Threat Database Adware 'I have some bad news for you' Email Scam

'I have some bad news for you' Email Scam

No matter how it might seem at first glance, the email that starts with 'I have some bad news for you' is nothing more than a blatant attempt to scare users into sending money to the people behind the tactic. Not a single one of the claims made in the email are true, and, as such, the entire email shouldn't be taken seriously. Instead, it should be ignored and disregarded completely.

The fraudsters state that they have injected the targeted user's computer with a Trojan threat that has allowed them to collect various contact lists and data. They also claim that by taking control of the camera and microphone, they have been able to obtain an explicit video of the user visiting adult websites. If the sum of $1500 in Bitcoin is not sent to the provided wallet address, the con artists threaten to release the video to all of the victim's contacts.

As we said, this email is nothing more than a scare tactic, and anyone who has received it, or any of the various variations that are in circulation, should in no case send any amount of money.


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