By GoldSparrow in Adware

The SockShare application is an adware that may have been installed on your computer without you realizing it. Adware is often found in freeware application bundles. Often, the installation process of such bundles is designed to mislead the user into agreeing to install useless or irritating software like adware.

If the SockShare adware is present on your computer, you are likely to notice a sharp increase in the number of advertisements you are viewing every time you browse the Web. The advertisements associated with the SockShare adware may come in various forms - flashing alerts, pop-up notifications, alerts, hyperlinks in text, etc. This may end up decreasing your browsing quality as the advertisements are likely to be overwhelming and often distracting from the main content of the page. Furthermore, applications like the SockShare adware may promote unsafe products to their users. This includes overpriced, fake products and services of dubious quality. This is why it is best to ignore the advertisements affiliated with the SockShare adware.

If you want to stop the spam advertisements, you are experiencing every time you are browsing your favorite pages, make sure to download and install a genuine anti-malware tool. Then, let the anti-virus application scan your computer and remove any dodgy applications like the SockShare adware.


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