Threat Database Adware 'VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT' Tech Support Scam


By GoldSparrow in Adware

The 'VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT' tech support scam is operated by fake computer support agents who have been reported to call users via phone lines like '888-407-0848.' The 'VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT' tech support scam is enabled through Web pages that are visited by Web surfers who click on advertisements for free Microsoft Office keys, Windows Activation Keys and misleading virus removal services. The 'VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT' tech support scam is intended to convince users to buy a "premium support package" from a company employed by Microsoft to handle user problems. However, PC users should not call the numbers promoted through the 'VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT' Web pages, and you should not believe security alerts that may be shown alongside the 'VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT' messages.

Con artists register domains with random names especially ones that mimic, which is the official support center for Microsoft products and services. The idea is to present the 'VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT' pages as part of the security efforts by Microsoft to keep Windows clean. However, you should remain vigilant because many phishing pages produce 'VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT' pop-up windows and play warning sounds. That way, you may start thinking that the 'VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT' might be reliable. The 'VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT' phishing pages include scripts that may prevent users from closing their browser and switching tabs, but you can close the browser using the Task Manager. The 'VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT' pages usually show the following text in the background:

  • Sample 1:
    'Microsoft Security Toll free:
    +1-(888) 407-0848
    Enter Windows registration key to unblock'
  • Sample 2:
    'Windows Support Alert
    Your System Detect Some Unusual Activity
    It might harm your computer data and track your financial activities
    Please, report this activity to +1-(888) 407-0848'

The foreground is likely to be occupied by what seems like a white program window titled 'VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT' that says:

'This computer is BLOCKED
Do not close this window and restart your computer
Your computer's registration key is Blocked.
Why we blocked your computer?
The window's registration key is illegal.
This window is using pirated software.
This window is sending virus over the internet.
This window is hacked or used from undefined location.
We block this computer for your security.
Contact microsoft helpline to reactivate your computer.

You should not call '888-407-0848' and other numbers present on the 'VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT' notifications. It is advised to report questionable domains that mimic and feature misleading screenshots. If you experience browser redirects to the 'VIRUS ALERT FROM MICROSOFT' pop-up windows, you should scan your devices for riskware, browser hijackers and adware using a credible anti-malware utility.


I think I was scammed.

I think I was scammed by a guy named James with Microsoft. He said he lives in California and I let him run a diagnostic on my computer. He said that I had a lot of malware going on. I fell for it. He said that he would be out of the office until Monday, and that he would get back with me then...


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