Threat Database Adware LogarithmicList


LogarithmicList is a questionable application that combines the functionalities of adware and a browser hijacker. The application targets Mac users mainly and employs various deceptive techniques to spread itself without attracting any attention. After all, the chances of users installing such dubious programs willingly are close to nonexistent.

Once established on the system, LogarithmicList will begin to generate monetary gains for its creators by delivering unwanted advertisements to the system. The advertisements themselves should be approached with caution, as they could expose the user to additional security risks. It is not uncommon for such advertisements to redirect to unsafe websites - phishing pages, sites running online tactics, fake giveaways, domains promoting more PUPs, etc.

Another consequence of LogarithmicList's presence is that the Web browser will begin to act strangely. Users will notice that their homepages now open a strange new address. The same also will be true for the new tab page and the default search engine. Browser hijackers usually set the affected settings to open the address of a promoted fake search engine. Typically, results generated by dubious search engines cannot be trusted, as they could include multiple third-party advertisements.

Equally as worrisome is the fact that nearly all PUPs possess at least some degree of data-harvesting capabilities. The applications might spy on the user's browsing activities, while also collecting device details such as IP address, geolocation and more. Avoid keeping PUPs on your devices and, if possible, use a professional security solution when removing them to make sure that no traces of the applications are left behind. 


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