Threat Database Adware TypicalProcess


TypicalProcess is classified as an adware application that also possesses browser hijacker capabilities. The main targets of the application are Mac users. To hide its installation, TypicalProcess employs dubious and deceptive distribution techniques, such as bundling or hiding inside fake software installers/updaters. In fact, the application has been observed to being spread through fake Adobe Flash Player updates. Users should remember that the same method also can be employed to deliver serious malware threats such as ransomware or backdoors.

When TypicalProcess installs itself on the user's Mac system, it will begin to monetize its presence immediately by running an intrusive advertising campaign. Numerous unwanted advertisements could be delivered to the device and may begin to impact the browsing experience by overlaying legitimate content. Users are strongly discouraged to interact in any way with the presented advertisements, as that could trigger forced redirects leading to suspicious third-party domains.

The browser hijacker functionality of TypicalProcess is responsible for taking over certain browser settings, such as the homepage, new page tab and the default search engine. All three will be modified to open a sponsored address, most likely that of a fake search engine. Afterward, simply opening the browser or conducting a search will result in artificial traffic being generated towards the sponsored address immediately. Keep in mind that fake search engines provide no added benefit to the user, as they are incapable of producing any search result on their own. Instead, they either initiate a redirect chain or go straight to a legitimate engine to get search results.

Most adware and browser hijacker applications also are equipped with data-collecting capabilities. They can collect various user data from the browser such as clicked URLs, viewed pages, conducted searches, as well as obtaining system details including the IP address, geolocation and ISP (Internet Service Provider).


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