Threat Database Adware is the address of a dubious website that is tasked with the proliferation of a popular browser-based tactic. Sites of this type, and there are countless numbers of them already put on the Internet, rely on various social-engineering tactics to trick people into subscribing to their push notification services by clicking the 'Allow' button. Afterward, the deceiving websites can begin to run an intrusive advertising campaign on the affected devices in an attempt to generate monetary gains for their creators. 

The most popular scenario by far among these websites is to pretend to be conducting a fake CAPTCHA check for bots. However, has been observed to employ a different strategy. The site will show a window with a video that cannot be played currently. Displayed below prominently, will be the following message:

'Press Allow to watch the video'

Users who follow the instructions will soon find themselves flooded with intrusive advertisements. The advertisements will not stop even if the browser itself has been shut down completely. Furthermore, engaging with the advertisements could take the users to other questionable websites that could be domains spreading PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), such as adware or browser hijackers. Another common destination is pages running phishing or technical support tactics. 

Users who notice that they are being taken to hoax sites similar to frequently might already have a PUP lurking on their devices. In that case, the best course of action is to run a scan with a reputable anti-malware solution and see if it manages to detect any suspicious applications. 


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