Threat Database Adware '' Pop-Up Notifications

'' Pop-Up Notifications is a push notification website whose purpose is to trick you into letting it send notifications. You may have landed on its webpage from a Web redirect or after clicking on a particular banner. It’s a place you’d better avoid, due to the aggressive way it tries to shove its Web advertisements down your throat.

The first thing you’d notice when you land on vuido’s only Web page on the site is the sight of a chatbox featuring a photo of a scarcely-clad woman, which may suggest where the push notifications may lead you to. That is not the first site to promote such content and not the last. The thing is, such places tend to infect visitors with nasty stuff, too. That is why navigating through’s push notifications may turn out to be a disastrous experience, as far as your network security is concerned. You have no way of knowing what kind of malware you’ll get – it could be an info stealer, a backdoor Trojan, a keylogger or the ultimate evil (ransomware).

Considering the dire consequences you may face, we recommend that you stay away from and any other similar push notifications site. If you do that and vuido keeps showing up on your browser, it may be time to cleanse your PC with a reputable anti-malware solution.  


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