Threat Database Adware 'WANNACRY DETECTED' Pop-Ups


By GoldSparrow in Adware

The 'WANNACRY DETECTED' pop-up messages that may be generated on new tabs titled '**ALERT MESSAGE**' are not to be trusted as phishing pages produce them. The 'WANNACRY DETECTED' pop-ups may be shown on a background that seems like a sub-page of, but that is a simple trick intended to fool users into thinking that the 'WANNACRY DETECTED' warnings are legitimate cybersecurity alerts. Con artists are using help fro mWeb developers to promote the 'WANNACRY DETECTED' messages via phishing pages and lure Web surfers into calling toll-free phone lines like 844-528-4333 where they are supposed to receive help from Microsoft certified technicians. This is all a Web tactic that uses logos and names of legitimate services by Microsoft. The 'WANNACRY DETECTED' pop-up windows and '**ALERT MESSAGE**' new tabs are reported to feature the following text:

Microsoft has detected WANNACRY Virus on your computer and network location
Recent website visit might be the reason for this.
Please call call us immediately, so that our engineers can walk you through the removal process of WANNACRY over the phone. Call us immediately on the toll-free 1-844-528-4333 for Technical Assistance.'

As you can see above, the con artists associated with the 'WANNACRY DETECTED' tactic are using the name of the WannaCry Ransomware to cause distress. The 'WANNACRY DETECTED' pop-ups are displayed using a pop-up loop, and it may be hard for inexperienced users to remove the pop-ups from the browser. You will need to open the Task Manager and terminate the browser's process manually. Do not call the phone lines promoted via the 'WANNACRY DETECTED' pop-ups and '**ALERT MESSAGE**' new tabs. These phone lines are managed by fake computer support agents who may attempt to convince you to buy a premium technical support subscription for hundreds of dollars and drain your bank account. It is recommended that you block the phishing pages associated with the 'WANNACRY DETECTED' tactic and cancel automatic downloads that may occur. You will find tips on how to report the 'WANNACRY DETECTED' pages using the dominant browsers on the market below:

  • Edge: Open the browser's menu and click 'Send Feedback' then choose 'Report site issue', enter the URL and add a short explanation about your experience.
  • Internet Explorer 11: Click on the gear icon, chose 'Safety' and then click 'Report unsafe site,' in the pop-up window mark the category of the site and complete the CAPTCHA challenge.
  • Google Chrome: Click on the three dots icon, mark 'Help' and chose 'Report an issue'. You can include some sentences as a comment and click 'Send'.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Open the browser's menu and navigate to 'Help' (the question mark icon) and click on 'Report Deceptive Site'.
  • Opera: Click on the site's badge located in the URL bar and click 'Details' then load the 'Fraud and Malware Protection' tab and click 'Report Site'.


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