By GoldSparrow in Adware, Mac Malware

Researchers have detected Hula (Adware.MacOS.Hula) in connection with an app named WorkDefault, which pretends to be an application that can significantly improve a user’s browsing experience. In fact, it is an adware threat imposing serious risks on affected Mac computers. Another common distribution method of Mac Hula is by bundling it into free software installers. Torrent websites and fake flash player updated are further sources of such Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs).

On the surface, Mac Hula floods users with unsolicited advertisements, coupon codes, fake surveys, banners, and other similar intrusive pop-ups. Clicking on any of these messages could lead to untrusty websites, or run malicious scripts that lead to the download and installation of additional malware.

In the background, programs like Hula perform potentially dangerous actions without the user’s knowledge. Adware tools usually have features that allow them to harvest user information, like browsing history, search queries, IP addresses, geo-location, even personal and sensitive data. All collected information is then shared with third parties, which then misuse it for their own profit. Adware.MacOS.Hula should, therefore, be removed immediately from your computer.

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