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Terraclicks Ads

By GoldSparrow in Adware

Threat Scorecard

Threat Level: 20 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 4
First Seen: April 26, 2016
Last Seen: November 22, 2021
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Terraclicks is an adware component that may be used to deliver advertisements to affected Web browsers. Computer users have complained that Terraclicks may deliver high volumes of advertising content to their Web browser, as well as cause redirects and pop-ups to force computer users to view certain advertisement-supported content. The main purpose of adware like Terraclicks is to profit from advertising and affiliate marketing by directing computer users towards this content repeatedly. Programs like Terraclicks may make money at the expense of computer users, and make it difficult to use the affected Web browser because of the notoriety of these symptoms, which may interfere with normal activities.

Terraclicks may be installed automatically. The most common way of distributing Terraclicks is by bundling it with other programs, downloaded from websites not considered trustworthy, or from file sharing networks or torrents. If your computer is displaying symptoms connected to Terraclicks, removing this adware component from your Web browser will stop the symptoms at once. A security program fully up-to-date (even if Terraclicks is not considered threatening) will remove Terraclicks.

Symptoms that may be Related to Terraclicks and Other Adware Components

Although adware like Terraclicks is not threatening as viruses, Trojans, or worms, the symptoms that may be associated with these components may make it difficult to use the affected Web browsers. The symptoms observed in connection with Terraclicks and similar unwanted Web browser extensions, add-ons, or advertisement-supported applications may include:

  1. Adware, although not threatening, may cause many threat-like symptoms on affected computers. One common problem related to Terraclicks is that it may affect the Web browser performance. Terraclicks may make affected Web browsers much slower than usual and quite ineffective at connecting to the Internet. Traffic may be routed to websites associated with Terraclicks constantly.
  2. Terraclicks may insert advertisements into content viewed on the affected Web browser. Computer users may notice that the websites they browse may contain large amounts of advertising material that would not be there usually, which may include irritating or intrusive banner advertisements or hyperlinks inserted into the websites' text.
  3. Terraclicks may be associated with performance problems on affected computers. Terraclicks may affect the computer's performance because it may use system resources and conflict with other software on the affected computer. Computer users have reported that Terraclicks may cause the affected computers to become slower than normal and unstable, prone to crashing or freezing unexpectedly.
  4. One of the main problems associated with Terraclicks is that they may lead to more threatening components, which may include Trojans, viruses or other threats. That's because many of the pop-up advertisements and new tabs that Terraclicks displays may contain advertising content that is not well regulated. Terraclicks may be used to distribute fake software updates or advertise bogus technical support companies that are well-known online tactics. Because of this, computer users should never interact with pop-up messages or windows delivered by Terraclicks.
  5. Terraclicks may make unwanted changes to a Web browser's settings. Computer users have reported that Terraclicks may change the affected Web browser's homepage, default search engine, security settings, new tab Web site, and other related content. This is in addition to the Web browser redirects and other unwanted behavior that Terraclicks may have caused on an affected Web browser.

Since Terraclicks may be bundled with other software, PC security analysts recommend that computer user should be on guard when installing new software. You should opt out of adware like Terraclicks during the installation process.


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