Threat Database Adware 'Warning: Hyper-V Manager' Pop-Up

'Warning: Hyper-V Manager' Pop-Up

By GoldSparrow in Adware

The 'Warning: Hyper-V Manager' pop-up windows that you may be presented on Web pages are not to be trusted. The Hyper-V Management tools are created by Microsoft Corp. to help server administrators delegate tasks to their machines and handle specific roles. The Hyper-V functionality in Windows was presented to users in 2010 and has nothing to do with the security alerts delivered via Web pages. Con artists who take advantage of PC users with a limited understanding of Windows may use phishing pages to suggest their 'Hyper -V Manager' is not working properly due to a virus infection or something of the sort. The 'Warning: Hyper-V Manager' pop-up windows can be found on newly registered sites that have not been vetted by Web filtering services like the Google Safebrowsing, the Mozilla Phishing Protection, and third-party solutions. Computer security analysts warn that the 'Warning: Hyper-V Manager' message offer misleading information to users and aim to convince them to call the 844-473-5341 toll-free phone line and ask for help with fixing the 'Hyper -V Manager.' We have seen the 'Warning: Hyper-V Manager' pop-up windows show the following text:

'Warning: Hyper-V Manager !!!
An error occurred while attempting to change the state of virtual machine savtstfc0l.
isavtstfc01'failed to start. Emulated IDE Controller (Instance ID {83F8638B-8DCA-4152-9EDA-2CA8B33039B4}): Failed to power on with Error 'General access denied error
IDE/ATAPI:Could not attach 'E:Virtualssavtstfc01.vhd' to location 0/0 of IDE Controller. Error:'General access denied error'
The file 'E:Virualssavtstfc.vhd' does not have the required security settings. Error:General access denied error'
Call Help Desk
Customer Service: 1-844-473-5341 (TOLL-FREE)
Your Hard Disk May Have Corrupt! Please Do Not Try to Fix Manually, It May Crash Your Data.'

The 'Warning: Hyper-V Manager' messages may include a screenshot of a security scan in the background, as well as the Microsoft logo. As you can see above, the 'Warning: Hyper-V Manager' alert features made-up technical details, and that is meant to scare inexperienced users, as well as confuse users who may be familiar with the Windows Registry. The 844-473-5341 phone line may be seen on the 'Microsoft Warning Alert Malicious Pornographic Spyware/Riskware' warning messages too. Reports from users indicate that the company behind the 'Warning: Hyper-V Manager' notifications is busy managing several phishing campaigns including the 'Error 3x3103fx' tactic. Experts recommend users ignore the 'Warning: Hyper-V Manager' pop-ups and terminate the browser's process if they experience a pop-up loop. PC users who have been redirected to sites associated with the 'Warning: Hyper-V Manager' phishing messages automatically can seek help from a credible security scanner.


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