Threat Database Adware 'Windows Error Code: DLL011150' Scam

'Windows Error Code: DLL011150' Scam

The 'Windows Error Code: DLL011150' scam is a browser-based tactic that attempts to trick people into calling fraudulent 'tech support' phone numbers that are under the control of the fraudsters. To scare the users into dialing the numbers, fake error messages are shown on the device's screen. Various social-engineering tricks are employed to make the fake messages seem both more urgent and legitimate.

In the 'Windows Error Code: DLL011150' scam's case, users are warned about a supposed malware found on their computers. The affected browser is forced to enter full-screen mode, after which it is locked by the displayed message. To gain access to their computers once again, the users will have to close the browser from the Task Manager tool.

The full text of the fake error used by 'Windows Error Code: DLL011150' scam is:


Windows Error Code: DLL011150

This computer is BLOCKED

That server also reports: "Suspicious movement distinguished on your IP address because of destructive infection introduced in your PC. Call Toll Free now @ [removed] for any help. Your information is at genuine risk. There is a computer framework record missing because of some harmful infection Debug malware blunder framework disappointment. It will be ideal if you contact experts to rectify the issue. Please do not open a web program. Contact Computer experts at Toll-Free Helpline at ----'

The fraudsters answering the phones will use various con tricks in an attempt to persuade the users affected by the 'Windows Error Code: DLL011150' scam into downloading a remote access application. Through the application, the fraudsters will achieve a certain degree of control over the computer and either drop a real malware threat on it, try to convince the user into paying a fee for supposed 'support' service, or outright attempting to extract information from the victim such as debit/credit card details, banking info, etc.

No matter how scary and threatening the fake messages displayed by tactics such as the 'Windows Error Code: DLL011150' scam are, users should never call the specified numbers, as that will only increase the potential security risks exponentially.


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