Threat Database Adware TNT EXPRESS' Email Virus

TNT EXPRESS' Email Virus

The 'TNT EXPRESS' email virus is a spam e-mail campaign designed to distribute the Agent Tesla RAT (Remote Administration Trojan). The fraudulent messages sent under this campaigned are disguised as e-mails from the popular international courier TNT Express, which is where the name of this campaign comes from. The 'TNT EXPRESS' email virus' e-mails usually have the 'Consignment Notification: You Have A Package With Us"' in the Subject line or some other text with similar implications.

According to the message's deceptive text, the recipients have some goods that need to be delivered by TNT, and they need to open and review the attached documents (named 'Shipping Document PP&BL Draft.r00' or similar) to close up the delivery process. Yet, instead of containing important data, the attached file downloads and installs Agent Tesla RAT on the victim's computer.

Agent Tesla is a threatening tool as it allows its operators to gain stealthily access to targeted computers and perform various unsolicited actions once it has infiltrated the device. A corrupted RAT's main functionality is to extract the users' data, which typically includes login credentials for social media accounts, e-mail, banking accounts, online money transfer services, etc. When misused, such data can cause extreme financial losses and severe privacy issues that can even lead to identity theft. Manual removal of Agent Testa RAT can be complicated as it requires advanced computer skills. Fortunately, automated malware removal programs can clean up your system from this harmful threat efficiently.


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