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'Critical Hard Disk Drive Error' Message

By ZulaZuza in Fake Error Messages

"Critical Hard Disk Drive Error" is a fake alert pop-up that is common to a family of fake defragmenter programs. If you have this alert popping up, with its recommendation to run a scan to repair a hard drive error, then your computer is infected with malware. Proceed with caution in order to remove "Critical Hard Disk Drive Error" safely.

There is one major family of fake disk defragmenter applications causing the majority of infections with this kind of threat. "Critical Hard Disk Drive Error" has been around since December 2010, and "Critical Hard Disk Drive Error" includes at least thirty-two variations on the same malicious program. What these fake system optimization tools have in common is that they will try to make it appear as if they are pre-installed Windows programs or components, and they will use scare tactics to try to get you to pay for a license for an "Advanced Module" in order to fix problems with your computer's hardware. The entire thing is a scam, which originated in Russia, and the warnings and claims that they make about your computer are entirely bogus. There are no licenses or "Advanced Modules" to be had, and if you pay for a license as a result of seeing the Critical Hard Disk Drive Error alert, the crooks behind the malware will take your money and run.

The full text of the Critical Hard Disk Drive Error alert is:

Critical Hard Disk Drive Error has been detected!
[Name of malware] detected a bad sector on your hard disk drive.
This error may cause the following problems:

- Data corruption and loss
- Hard drive inaccessibility
- System errors and failures

It is strongly recommended that you fix the detected problem immediately.
Please run a full scan and fix errors.

The alert will then offer you the option to "Fix Problem" or "Cancel." If you click on "Fix Problem," you will be prompted to purchase a license for whichever fake security program has infected your PC. Please remember, however, that not only is the Critical Hard Disk Drive Error alert generated by a fake security application, but also, no software could really fix the kind of hard drive problem described in the alert.

So far, the fake disk defragmenting programs that generate the Critical Hard Disk Drive Error alert include Windows Restore, Windows Repair, Windows Tool, Windows Recovery, Windows Scan, WinScan, Windows Diagnostic, Windows Disk, Win Disk, Win Defragmenter, Win Defrag, Hard Drive Diagnostic, HDD Diagnostic, HDD Low, HDD Rescue, HDD OK, HDD Plus, HDD Fix, HDD Tools, Smart HDD, Disk Doctor, Disk OK, Disk Repair, Disk Optimizer, Disk Recovery, Fast Disk, My Disk, Memory Optimizer, Memory Fixer, Scanner, [fake] Defragmenter, Good Memory, and System Restore.


I just got that problem. I was using my PC normally. When I went through My Computer to try accessing the file again, only drive D: was visible and no other drives.

Markin Thomasd Reply

The description of the hard disk drive error removal can be accessed by the user if the user can follow the process of the removal. This error once every user faces and for that google support thinks that is why it is important to know the removal process.

My external hard disk wants me to format it if I am going to use it in one go. also claims that there is nothing wrong but still the message remains.


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