Win Defragmenter

Win Defragmenter Description

Type: Rogue AntiSpyware Programs

Win Defragmenter is a bogus computer tool that attempts to steal your money by causing your computer system to become impossible to use until you purchase a useless 'full version' of Win Defragmenter. Computer criminals use this scam to take advantage of inexperienced computer users, usually installing Win Defragmenter on the victim's computer without authorization or through social engineering attacks. Typically, Win Defragmenter pretends to be a real defragmenter, claiming that Win Defragmenter can improve your computer's performance, but Win Defragmenter is actually designed to display constant fake security alerts which imitate error messages used by your operating system. Win Defragmenter has also been known to affect other applications, blocking access to most popular security applications installed on the victim's hard drive. The main goal of a Win Defragmenter infection is to convince the victim that problems that Win Defragmenter causes can only be fixed with the purchase of the full version of this fake system optimization program. ESG security researchers recommend the use of a reliable anti-malware program instead of paying for this useless application.

Dealing with a Win Defragmenter Infection on Your Computer System

ESG security researchers strongly advise that you ignore all of Win Defragmenter's error messages and notifications; these are meant to cause you to panic and purchase this useless program. While Win Defragmenter can be removed manually, this requires to be able to edit the Windows Registry and to manipulate sensitive parts of your operating system. Since doing this incorrectly can damage your operating system, ESG malware analysts recommend automatic removal as the viable alternative for most users. Win Defragmenter has several clones, including Defragmenter, Good Memory, and HDD Repair. All of these fake defragmenters have the same function; to steal your money. Win Defragmenter and its clones can be differentiated from real system optimization tools by certain characteristics that are typical of most rogue defragmenters. These include being installed without the computer user's authorization or the computer user not being able to remove Win Defragmenter through usual means after an aggressive stream of pop-up windows and to find that its fake error report is vague and does not specify exactly what files on the computer are supposedly compromised. However, the best step you can take to prevent been infected with Win Defragmenter is to only download files that come from trusted sources and that you are absolutely sure of their contents before allowing them into your computer system.

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