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Is Safe?

Threat Scorecard

Ranking: 5,765
Threat Level: 20 % (Normal)
Infected Computers: 178
First Seen: January 25, 2023
Last Seen: January 19, 2024
OS(es) Affected: Windows is a video streaming site. The problem is that the content there is being offered for streaming illegally. In addition, the site generates monetary gains via rogue advertising networks. As a result, users are oftentimes presented with questionable ads or have dubious websites opened in their web browsers.

In practice, this means the site itself may be safe if you ignore the content made available there illegally, but users could be exposed to various security risks posed by the third-party pages opened without their consent. Indeed, visitors risk landing on phishing pages that try to obtain sensitive private details such as payment information or credit and debit card numbers. Other destinations may include deceiving websites that rely on scare tactics to trick users into downloading and installing barely-functional PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). Suspicious sites trying to lure visitors into subscribing to their push notification services under fake pretenses are also quite common. 

To answer the question as to if is safe, you must ask if illegal streaming or illegal content downloading is a good practice or not. Whether divulging the morality of downloading illegal or copyrighted material is a good thing or not, the fact remains that doing so could have several parties liable for those bad actions, including the computer user that accesses the illegal or copyrighted material. site offering streaming movies (illegally)

What Does the Site Offer, and Is It Illegal?

Often enough, those looking for a quick-streaming movie will attempt to download or stream the video from an illegal source. Many of those sources are third-party sites that offer other pirated software and media content. The site is one of many countless sources that offer illegal movie streaming, and it may eventually be flagged down by reputable movie companies for committing crimes by offering movie content via free streaming services.

Generally, it is recommended to avoid exposing yourself to such unnecessary risks, but users who insist on using must do so with extreme caution. Avoid engaging with any of the generated pop-up ads, and make sure that you have a professional security solution protecting your computer.

The crackdown on sites like is an ongoing battle that the movie industry frowns upon as it may be a direct violation of many laws and governances that protect copyright material, including everyday movies and shows. offering streaming movies and shows (illegally)

Computer users must know that simply visiting the website, although a bad idea, is not illegal alone. Using the content that may be offered on the site is where the issue lies.

Are the Pop-Ups Legit?

We have seen instances where loading the website presents several pop-up messages that are deceptive and lead to a loop of nearly endless pop-ups and site redirects. The pop-ups may also be accompanied by audible voices making bogus claims of your computer being taken over or requiring services to rid an allegedly detected malware or virus threat. All situations that presents through such pop-ups (or adware) are misleading and a potential method to get computer users to use a scam service, collect personal data through phishing, or offer illegal media content that you may be charged for via credit card. site pop-ups

How to Stop the Unwanted Actions of

Those who find themselves on the website may have been lured there through many situations, one primarily being where a web browser is set to load the site by default as a default home page or new tab page. In such a circumstance, the computer user should take action to change their Internet settings, which may involve finding and removing unwanted web browser extensions or add-on components. Such components may be a browser hijacker or potentially unwanted/malicious software.

Using an antimalware resource will suffice to eliminate the components that may cause to load automatically, which may then lead to illegal content being streamed or offered through such a site.


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Yes, it's safe - No downloading programs or extraneous software needed. I've never encountered a pop-up, and commonsense tells one not to click on a pop-up.

I never had any pop up ads. Have been watching movies and TV shows for about 8 months. Now it doesn't work though. Now I get the following every time I try to watch a movie.
Video could not be loaded because an adblocker or ISP block.

Before contacting us:

1. Try with Microsoft Edge Browser

2. Try to use any free VPN, for example: ProtonVPN.

totally NOT safe - it keeps loading popups and asking to allow notifications. I dare you to click on those pop-ups!!!

do you realy think lookmovie isn't working at day time and works on night 'cause of it is not secured or the person that uses it has turned of some thing please tell me the reason

Best to install adblock.
The big three ISPs in the UK will most likely block access.


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