'Police Judiciaire Federale' Ransomware

'Police Judiciaire Federale' Ransomware Description

The 'Police Judiciaire Fédérale' Ransomware Trojan is the Belgian variant of the Urausy/police Winlocker family. The 'Police Judiciaire Fédérale' Ransomware blocks the infected computer and displays a fake message from Belgium's police. Winlocker scams like the 'Police Judiciaire Fédérale' Ransomware are quite common and are among the most common ways in which criminals take advantage of inexperienced computer users. The 'Police Judiciaire Fédérale' Ransomware message accuses the victim of viewing illegal online content and distributing malware, claiming that the victim's computer was blocked as part of a police operation. If you cannot access your computer because of a 'Police Judiciaire Fédérale' Ransomware infection, ESG malware researchers strongly recommend the removal of this malware threat immediately with the help of a reliable anti-malware application that is fully up to date.

How the 'Police Judiciaire Fédérale' Ransomware is Used to Scam Computer Users

There are dozens of variants of the 'Police Judiciaire Fédérale' Ransomware scam, each designed to target a particular region of the world. Each regional variant of the 'Police Judiciaire Fédérale' Ransomware uses a ransom message written in the targeted country's language and impersonating the targeted country's main police force. In the case of the 'Police Judiciaire Fédérale' Ransomware, this police Winlocker impersonates the Belgium's police and uses a message written in French, one of Belgium's official languages. A variant of the 'Police Judiciaire Fédérale' Ransomware that targets computers in Ecuador, for example, will use a message written in Spanish and impersonating Ecuador's main police agencies. The 'Police Judiciaire Fédérale' Ransomware demands payment of a bogus police fine through Ukash. According to the 'Police Judiciaire Fédérale' Ransomware message, this fine should be paid to avoid prosecution, years of jail time, and enormous police fines.

The 'Police Judiciaire Fédérale' Ransomware Fake Message Must Be Ignored

If 'Police Judiciaire Fédérale' Ransomware or any of its many clones that include the 'Arma dei Carabinieri' Ransomware, the 'Dansk Rigspolitiet' Ransomware and the 'Služba Kriminální Policie a Vyšet?ování' Ransomware is installed on your computer, you will not be able to access your files through normal means. Alternate start-up methods should be used to bypass the 'Police Judiciaire Fédérale' Ransomware message. Some examples of alternate start-up methods that can help do this include Safe Mode and starting up from an external device. Under no circumstance should you pay the 'Police Judiciaire Fédérale' Ransomware fine or follow the instructions contained in the 'Police Judiciaire Fédérale' Ransomware message.

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