Threat Database Trojans SearchHost.exe


The legitimate SearchHost.exe is a valid component of the Windows Search Indexer, a service that carries out file searches and indexes the files on the Windows system. However, if you encounter issues related to this file, it may be wise to examine if it hasn't been corrupted or is not part of a malware threat simply posing as the official file.

The '.exe' files are particularly suspicious, as they could be used to perform various activities on the user's device when executed. Indeed, a corrupted SearchHost.exe could be part of a crypto-miner threat. This specific malware type is designed to take over the infected system's hardware resources and use them to mine for a particular cryptocurrency. Usually, the attackers try to hijack the victim's computer to generate Monero, Bitcoin, DarkCoin or Ethereum coins.

While the crypto-miner is active on the system, users may experience frequent slowdowns, freezes, or even critical system errors caused by the lack of free resources left to support the normal operations of the OS. The hardware components also may be affected, as having to run under such pressure for prolonged periods could lead to the build-up of excessive heat or reduce their expected lifespan.


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