Threat Database Phishing 'Geek Squad' Email Scam

'Geek Squad' Email Scam

Unscrupulous con artists are sending lure emails pretending to be a message from Geek Squad, a subsidiary of Best Buy. The fake emails contain the Geek Squad logo and claim that the recipient's subscription to Geek Total Protection has been automatically renewed. As a result, the sum of $499.99 has been charged for the services. To make the fake claim appear more legitimate, the deceiving emails also contain fabricated details, such as an invoice number, renewal date, the name of the service, etc. It is vital to keep in mind that the Geek Squad is in no way connected to these email messages

Seeing the large amount of money that has supposedly been withdrawn for something they have not agreed to buy, users are likely to call the phone number provided by the email as a way to receive assistance. This is exactly what the fraudsters want. They can then proceed to try and obtain personal information - names, home addresses, emails, phone numbers, etc, from all users that dial the number. These people also may try to convince their targets to pay bogus 'cancellation' or other fees. It is not uncommon for con artists to ask to receive remote access to the user's computer under some dubious pretenses. If successful, they may abuse the connection to the device to deliver malware threats, collect important files or perform additional invasive actions. 


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