'Have You Heard About Pegasus?' Email Scam

'Have You Heard About Pegasus?' Email Scam Description

The 'Have You Heard About Pegasus?' email scam is a spam email campaign that tries to piggyback on the notoriety achieved by a recently discovered malware threat named Pegasus. The fraudsters distribute thousands of emails with fake threats to unsuspecting victims and try to scare them into paying a significant sum of money. Although it is not mentioned inside the email specifically, this scheme carries all of the typical aspects of a sextortion campaign.

The emails falsely claim that the user's iPhone or Android devices were infected with Pegasus. The malware allowed the attackers to obtain various private files, contacts, and even record videos. The emails imply that the attackers have explicit footage of the user and they are going to release it to the public. To prevent this outcome, victims are told to send around $1600 to the provided Bitcoin wallet address. Users have only two days to transfer the money.

Of course, this is all fake and a typical tactic. Users should not take anything mentioned in the email seriously and in no case should they ever send money to such people. However, to make sure that your device is clean from malware threats completely, consider running a scan with a reputable security product.