Threat Database Spam 'Have You Heard About Pegasus?' Email Scam

'Have You Heard About Pegasus?' Email Scam

Have you received an email with the subject line "Have You Heard About Pegasus?" and wondered what it was all about? Well, if you have, you are not alone. This email is part of a widespread spam email campaign that aims to deceive unsuspecting recipients. This article will explore the ins and outs of this email scam, what it claims, and how to deal with it.

What Do the Scammers Want?

The spam email campaign typically claims that the recipient's email address has been compromised by the notorious Pegasus Malware, which is allegedly used to spy on individuals and organizations. The email claims that the recipient's device has been infected with this malware and that all their online activity has been recorded. It says that malware lets attackers to obtain private files, and contacts and even record videos.

The spam email campaign wants the affected user to pay a ransom in Bitcoin to prevent releasing of the alleged compromising information. The email implies that the attackers have explicit footage of the user and will release it to the public. To prevent this outcome, victims are told to send around $1600 to the provided Bitcoin wallet address. Users have only two business days to transfer the money.

Why Is This Email Scam So Believable?

It is important to note that the spam email campaign tries to piggyback on the notoriety of the Pegasus Malware, which is a real threat. As mentioned, Pegasus is a type of spyware used by governments to monitor and track individuals, including human rights activists and journalists. However, the claims made in this spam email campaign are false and are merely an attempt to extort money from unsuspecting individuals. The emails are nothing more than deceptive messages that aim to scare people into paying a ransom. The malware mentioned in the email does not exist on the affected mobile device, and the threats made in the message are empty. Not to mention that the grammar and spelling mistakes in the email should be a dead giveaway that the message is a scam.

The Danger Behind Email Spam

Scam emails like these can be dangerous as they can trick unsuspecting recipients into clicking on malicious links or downloading malicious programs, compromising their devices and putting their online security at risk. It is crucial to exercise caution when receiving unsolicited emails and be wary of any personal information or payments requests.

If you receive an email that you suspect is a scam, do not respond to it or click on any download links. Instead, immediately delete the email and use malware removal tools to scan your device for malicious programs. It is also a good practice to keep your internet security up to date and to be vigilant when opening emails from unknown senders.

In conclusion, the "Have You Heard About Pegasus?" Email Scam is a classic example of a spam email campaign that tries to deceive unsuspecting recipients. It is important to be aware of such cyber threats and to protect yourself from deceptive emails and other online scams. Remember to exercise caution when opening unsolicited emails and to use malware removal tools to keep your device safe and secure.

The full text of the "Have You Heard About Pegasus?" Email Scam:

Hello, I’m going to share important information with you.
Have you heard about Pegasus?
You have become a collateral victim. It’s very important that you read the information below.

Your phone was penetrated with a “zero-click” attack, meaning you didn’t even need to click on a malicious link for your phone to be infected.
Pegasus is a malware that infects iPhones and Android devices and enables operator of the tool to extract messages, photos and emails,
record calls and secretly activate cameras or microphones, and read the contents of encrypted messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram and Signal.

Basically, it can spy on every aspect of your life. That’s precisely what it did.
I am a blackhat hacker and do this for a living. Unfortunately you are my victim. Please read on.

As you understand, I have used the malware capabilities to spy on you.
And by that I mean that I have collected your parts of your private life.

My only goal is to make money. And I have perfect leverage for this.
As you can imagine in your worst dream, I have videos of you exposed during the most private moments of your life, when you are not expecting it.

I personally have no interest in them, but there are public websites, that have perverts loving that content.
As I said, I only do this to make money and not trying to destroy your life. But if necessary, I will publish the videos.
If this is not enough for you, I will make sure your contacts, friends and everybody you know see those videos as well.

Here is the deal. I will delete the files after I receive 0.035 Bitcoin (about 1600 US Dollars).
You need to send that amount here

I will also clear your device from malware, and you keep living your life.
Otherwise, shit will happen.

The fee is non negotiable, to be transferred within 2 business days.

Obviously do not try to ask for any help from anybody unless you want your privacy to be violated.
I will monitor your every move until I get paid. If you keep your end of the agreement, you wont hear from me ever again.
Take care.


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