Security Scanner 2012

Security Scanner 2012 Description

Security Scanner 2012 is part of a large family of rogue anti-spyware applications caused by a WinWeb Security infection. Like most fake security programs, Security Scanner 2012 is designed to scam inexperienced computer users by convincing them to purchase a useless 'full version' of this fake anti-spyware scanner. ESG security researchers consider that Security Scanner 2012 poses a significant threat to computer systems, not only because of the malicious features of Security Scanner 2012 itself but because Security Scanner 2012 is usually accompanied with other Trojans that also attack the infected computer. In order to deal with Security Scanner 2012, ESG malware analysts advise using a reliable anti-malware tool which will be able to scan your hard drives and annihilate any malware associated with Security Scanner 2012.

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Symptoms of a Security Scanner 2012 Infection

It is not difficult to identify a Security Scanner 2012 infection. Looking closely at this fake security program reveals various inconsistencies that should immediately indicate that something is wrong, from slight grammatical errors in Security Scanner 2012's interface and messages to the way Security Scanner 2012 affects your computer. Main problems associated with Security Scanner 2012 include the fact that Security Scanner 2012 starts up automatically without computer user's permission, that Security Scanner 2012 runs a fake system scan and spams the victim with alarming messages and the fact that Security Scanner 2012 has absolutely no anti-spyware capabilities. Computer users with a Security Scanner 2012 infection will also find that their web browser constantly redirects them to Security Scanner 2012's website in order to convince inexperienced computer users that they must purchase this rogue anti-spyware program to remove problems mentioned above.

How Security Scanner 2012 Enters Your Computer System

Malicious applications like Security Scanner 2012 are usually delivered via a Trojan infection. These kinds of Trojan dropper or downloader will often display a fake error message prompting the victim to download Security Scanner 2012 in order to solve a false problem on the infected computer. To prevent these kinds of infections, ESG security researchers recommend protecting your computer with legitimate, reliable security software and following basic security guidelines when browsing the Internet (such as not opening unsolicited email attachments or staying away from shady websites).

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