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Security Tool is a fake anti-spyware program that through the use of deceiving tactics, is able to extort money from unsuspecting computer users. Security Tool uses fake system alerts and falsified system scans to persuade purchase of the Security Tool application.

Security Tool is not a viable solution to any security related issue on a PC. Security Tool was created by cybercrooks with the main intention of money extortion through vigorous methods. These methods are generally deceptive actions taken by the Security Tool program itself which ends up being more of a nuisance than any assistance to detect and remove malware. Security Tool also utilizes the name similarity of legitimate security programs which can also be very deceptive among novice computer users.

Security Tool comes from the same group of hackers that develop and spread the rogue anti-spyware programs Total Security 2009 and System Security. Security Tool is not an effective tool for the detection and removal of computer parasites.ScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshot

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some how i got sercurtiy tool. how do i get rid of it?

Meredith Treib Reply

I have an HP that is just a couple of years old & was running like a top until I got the Security Vista 2011 Virus. My f8 would not work ! Therefore, instead, I clicked on Esc as it gives me a list of how to start up. I went to system restore a few days before the virus started. Then, I DL'd Spy Hunter & it found 366 infections, right away. So, I purchased it & feel protected now & in the event of future attacks.

Shut down you computer manually and when the start up screen comes up select start in safe mode. Go to system restore and select a date before you got security tool. It worked very well and it is completely gone from my computer now!

Hey Meredith, a couple of days ago i went on my laptop and relized that SecurityTool was there. I tried many ways to get rid of this, then, i seen your comment on
so i rebooted my laptop on safe mode. However, i dont knw where to find system restore lol.

i would very much appreciate it if u replied :L

Thanks, Sean x 😀

channing watton Reply

my computer was working fine, im on facebook then... i close it out the desktop says you system is infected then all my icons are gone. so i tried searching for a sloution and nothing worked. so can u sugest something free and that works, cause im only 13 no credit card and i just bought it off my mom, so what do i do!!!

I got Security Tool from Facebook also. What kind of security do these Facebook workers do? It's hell and I don't know if I will ever be able to shut down my computer again, hell.

I got hit with this december 9th. Trying to figure how to get this off my computer. I tried recovery, but my computer is still compromised. I need to remove it all. I am declaring war on the Trojan. Like I ain't got enough stuff to worry about right now. I was on facebook too when it happened. Same way. Somebody needs to lock down these culprits!!!!!

i"ve been hit by security tool and can't get it off, it has mess my computer up, is there any way it can be removed, it can't be uninstalled in the control panel. any help would be so much appreciated

before downloading this bring up your task bar (CTRL ALT DEL) go into the processes part and look for a title with all numbers (ie 43519123) and then end the process

LOL it dont let you on task manager 🙁

I got hit with this today and it downloaded. It wont lett me do Task Manger Either... How do you get rid of it?

It really doesnt let you on task manager. i need HELP!!!! 🙁

All you do to get task manager up and running is hit CTRL, ALT DELETE, right when windows loads up, do it quickly before all your system tray icons load up, that way task manager runs right before the Security Tool Virus is loaded and prevents it from going...Kill the Security tool process, usually a bunch of numbers followed by .exe now that its disabled, run a good antivirus program and hopefully (fingers crossed) it will remove it for you...

I openned the internet and the complete screen was taken over by SECURITY TOOL

for one half hours I tried to get pass it. I realized I had to pay them in order to get into my computer.....I purchased the lowest price, itthey changed it to the hightest price. I call the in UK about it VERY nasty they hung up on me 3 times then wouldn't answer my call... apond waiting for awhile I called back and said I saw the information on security scans and they are one, they said they would send me email confo and gave me a number lets see, they are out of the country and maybe able to keep the money. My bank will here this is Monday so they can help at their end. We have no work, health care and we have to take our important tool we use every day and still be at the behalf of outsiders and criminals to keep taking money.

joe deleonardo Reply

I'm trying to get rid of security tool, I have tried uninstalling area but can't even find the name on the list or its picture. I don't even know how I got it!!

What do IU or what can I do to get it off. Every 10 seconds or less this junk pops up and I can't do anything.


Same with me , how did it get on my computer. I can not get it off.

same its winding me up cant do anything with it grrrrr

mathias prehofer Reply

I do not know were i got it i am only 13 i cant buy something and i need it fore school i have a lot of thinks on it. My dad makes computer programms ( sorry fore bad english i come from austria)
and he cant get it away he say we would have to buy it
-,- anyone with an other idea

"Security Tool" is hard and very painful. It really stop you from doing any work, as any attempt to cose it, lasts for 2 second until it reappears. I am a disable person, and my computer activities are one of my only activities I am able to engaged in. I am begging anyone who can advise me how to get rid of it.
Please let me know. I THANK YOU ALL,

Moshe Dinor

robert voelkerding Reply

this thing has a virus and it cant be removed and we cant get rid of the viruses either so what do we do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

i been trying to delete security tool but i cant i need help

security tool is getting on my nerves every where i go it has to make something pop up on my screen i got rid of it but i accidently downloaded it again. i need help deleting it i knew it was fake, but thinks 4 verifing it.

help me rid my pc of security tool im surprized other people got pulled in 2 security tool.

this is some bull**** i cant open itunes or anything on my computer hell what do i do its realy starting to piss me off bad someone email me and tell me how to get it off

Well my name is Wayne. I know Jack about computers.
#1.I got 3 programs in this computer for virus. security tool/2 others. down ;oad one 4 days ago to get rid of security tool. my other one told me i only had one virus. And I remove it.
everytime you try reboot it to fix the problem on security tool. it gives defent numbers on how miny you got on your computer. right now says 28. And now it is giving me trouble with my inter net company. And it won't let me look on yahoo. to use the program to get rid of security tool.
And i'm on fix income so I can't pay get this fix. me please i was on facebook and afriend sent me email
a video thank you new years and thats where i got it from.
after that i got this damned securty tool man,
all i can say is becareful who you let on your friends
page on facebook, i am on a fixed income
but i work i don't make alot of money to fixed this pc.

this abort to drive me crazy i just cannot take it anymore.
there got to be someplace to turn to and to help people like me.

easy, no money solution to get rid of it. reinstall your windows cd. hope your files were backed up.

Help!! Does someone have an answer? I have tried several suggestions to include some worthless downloads to clean this thing out but this da.. thing is too strong.

i was forced into buying this bunk program security tool, froze up my computer until i had no other choice then to buy the program just so i was able to have my computer working again.....i'm so angry to learn this is fake now i am worried about them having my credit card information....honestly i'm more worried about that then my computer....i was infact able to email them, before i knew thay were that i am wanting a refund naturally i cant get a hold of them

Oh my gosh!! I hate Secrity Tool I want it gone now !!!! I t keeps poping up and I can't get rid of it...I am on Facebook a lot though but I am only 13 and I need help my mom thinks its my fault!

When you get malware, it is never your fault. It is usually carried off by a drive-by download.

My name is deanna and I have had this computer for 3 yrs and bought my own protection for it and never had a problem with any kind of security tool bullsh**! I have aready scan my computer to find out it was a fake. Matter of fact, it was the only spam I had. Three days ago it popped up and I can not get rid of it. Can someone please give some advice?

Hello Alicia: Don't waste time! Call your credit card company and get a new credit card. Once these scammers have your credit card, they can continue to charge you over and over again.

Went to my website and up came this Security Tool that takes over my comp. It as bin three still trying to get it off.

Sue Seidlinger Reply

Took me a day to recover from this malware as well as a complete system restore. My computer is still messed up, suddenly very sluggish. I also paid the $50 extortion money to get rid of them and now have to change my debit card and credit card accounts for fear of continued abuse. I've reported this to my bank and they will try to help recover the money. This is a particularly vicious virus so beware!

I am very low income so can't afford to pay alot

Can someone please help me with this D*** security tool it is really pissing me off.

im 13 and this just attacked my computer. the whole entire screen went black and no icons are there. please help me, and i dont have a job so free please...

l am another victim of the Security Tool malware scammers. They think it is really funny to mess with people's lives and livelihoods. Although it's frustrating, they will eventually get their "rewards" in life and the hereafter.

Meanwhile, I found a way around the malware. When Windows is booting up, I pull up Task Manager (TM) by hitting Ctrl+Alt+Del. This gives me a list of the files currently running. I scanned these files, listed them on paper, and then looked for anything I'd never seen before. One file stood out (38420825.exe). Since this file made no sense to me and because I'd never seen it before, I ended the file through TM. This ended ALL the popups and I am able to get online and all my applications work. Granted, I still have the virus, BUT, now I can at least do what I need to do on my computer. In about a month, I will have enough to take it to a computer expert to get rid of the virus.

Type "how to remove security tool" in your search engine. It brings up a lot of answers but the one that I relied on is the UTube one. I think you will find it helpful as well. Good luck!

I have had some experince with this virus,that my daughter downloaded through music video. I have had did problem before and found that if you restart your computer and just when it's booting up press f8 to access the safemode funtion.once your computer is in safemode you have access to your computer then press your start button then all program then go to accessories and to your system restore.Restore your system back to a date before you received this crooked site.good luck it has allway work for me don't forget to run your anti-virius once you get out of safe-mode.david

Go to task manager before ur computer finishes starting up (ctrl+alt+delet) then go to start task manager. go to processes then find a weird number sequence (usually the first thing on there) , right click and hit end process. It worked for me today...

HELP PLEASE.......I got that darn Security Tool also. Does anyone know how to get rid of it? Please Help

Does anyone know the Customer service Number to this Bogus Company Security Tool... I need to cancel this crap !! I was going to buy it just to get it off my computer, but to find out it isn't real, I would love to have a word with them !
**PS the Control Alt Delete when windows comes up then go to process then it will be a weird long number sequence, click on that then End Process, You have to do this each time, but at least no more pop ups from Security Tool !

if you cannot open any browser, use USB flash drive to copy and paste a link (the entire address e.g. into a word document from another pc. Stick this flash drive into USB of the infected pc and open the word document. press Control button and click on the link. That should open up the browser and connect you to the internet.
I tried to delete the files mentioned above, but eventually the problem came back. You can also stop the 8886541.exe from the Task Manager Processes by End Process. But it will come back again next time you boot.
I downloaded Spyware Doctor. There was an Antivirus accociated with it for $5.95 for 60days use that i purchased and downloaded. I ran it with Spyware Doctor about 3 times and it got rid of all the viruses and spywares and all the buttons and icons worked once again. Some functions that were disabled by other previous less annoying viruses are all working again, such as changing wall paper.
If i bring it to a shop they will just reformat my whole pc and reinstall windows, which will wipe out all my programs, for $39 and 2 days and 2 roundtrips. I think i did the right thing here, spending $6 of well worth money. Thanks to Spyware Doctor. I surfed a lot of sites to assure that Spyware Doctor and PCtools were not viruses themselves before i ran Spyware Doctor and purchased the pctools antivirus.
Now i can return the new notebook that i purchased.

Spyware Doctor will stop Security Tool from popping up, but not revive the disabled functions. pctools antivirus (just the 5.59 for 60days version) together with Spywqare Doctor will fix it, together with other spyware or virus problems if you have any.

I still have this Security Tool Virus and I've tried everything. And I still can't get rid of it! It's already been 2 days.

I tried everything to rid my computer of security tool, couldn't even download softward to remove it, so I incerted my vista cd, rebooted and pushed f-12 for boot setup, chose boot to cd, chose fix computer, chose system restore, and it worked. so try that.

Heather Wright Reply

Well I am having the same problems that everyone else is having and I need help very badly. I have tried taking it off my self and dowloading spywares to fix it and nothing I do helps!!!! Please help me!!!

It's so annoying. I got hit with the "Security Tool" and i can't delete it off my computer. I NEED to get on Word but it wont let me!!!! Help!!!!

thanks this helped!

security tool is ruining my computer

all you need to do is restart your pc in safe mode by pressing f8 then do a system restore it will take a few minutes then everything should be as it was

My new pc got infected last week after my daughter was on facebook. Would not allow me to run my antivirus software avast... Pc Friend of my told my to run Super Antispyware. Already installed on my PC.. Told me to run it 5 or 6 times until all infected files are removed. He said if you act as soon as you discover it may be able to remove by this means before other files are infected. He said this week alonbg he had been called to work on 5 pcs with the spyware. In some cases only solution is to wipe hard drive and reinstall windows.. I ran super antispyware 6 times until received no infected file detection. Have no problems since

how do i get rid of security tool!!! it keeps popping up and crashing my laptop! it pops up every 10 seconds..plz help me get rid of it!

i had the samething happen to me... i bought it and it cleared my computer up in 15 minutes..IT DOES WORK

PURCHASE it it will clear everything up for you...I PROMISE

how do i get rid of it? i cant use my laptap at all.

my computer was taken over by security tool even though i have avg program it blocked it..,i had to pay or no i want to get a refund but phone doesnt anwer , support line answer and they never sent me a registration #...pure thieve.what is left for me to do to get my $49.90 back.........they basicly highjack my computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I downloaded the spyhunter detection scanner from top of page and the very presence of it seemed to stop Security Tool dead in it's tracks. Didn't even need to purchase the removal software. All I had to do was move all files related to Security tool to recycle bin and then take great pleasure in permantly deleting them.
So far no knock on effects.

I just removed this from my friends computer and it took only a few minutes.

1) Locate system tools in the programs list and right click then click proprties

2) Once you are in there go to security

3) From there depending on your computer it is either right there or you need to go to advanced

4) Once you are there click on the user and then click all the deny boxes, do this for all the users that are listed.

5) That is it. Now that system tools doesn't pop up every second you can now go into programs find system tools and delete it and then be sure to delete it from your recycle bin.

As soon as i downloaded spyhunter3. security tool has vanished i guess. there was no icon on mah desktop and no popups

Rebecca Parker Reply

Will you please help me get this secritytool off computer thank you

Robert Garding Reply

I tried to download spyhunter but it doesn't seem to have a Macintosh version. When one is created, I would like to have it.

You can get rid of this malware by ..shut down your computer ,turn it back on hold down the F8 key until it goes to start up mode ,choose safe mode start computer,go to system restore ,set to a date 2 or more days before malware invaded your system ,activate system restore ,when your computer restarts it will be gone!!! good luck!


Security Tool popped up after I installed VEOH. I cannot delete the program by going to Start and then delete. How do I remove it from my laptop?

PLEASE LISTEN TO ME VERY CAREFULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!. i got hit by this stupid security virus, it was horrible and i seriously fell for it and i just bought my laptop like 3 months ago. okay the only way to take it off is by deleting it off your computer.try looking for it anywhere on your computer. first restart you computer and before you log on press ctrl+alt+delete. immediately. then from there look for on your computer. it should have a logo beside it like the one it says on it's page.the virus should have like eight numbers,make sure you delete anything that has to do with security tool. i took me about 3 hours straight to delete it because i was not aware of it. i will help if you go to youtube to how to get rid of it. also once you done deleting it. restart your computer. and hopefully it's gone. so it won't prevent future damage.

ok-I wish I had found this earlier-I had major problems with this happening to me...and the only way to get past the damn security tool on my moms computer,was to purchase the damn 59.99 and 19.99...can I have this removed from my account?can O block them?I would rather pay the fee for blocking the transaction than pay them for a bogus crappy tool?please help?????

ya, all of a sudden this stupid thing pops up, & im like ok ill see wut i hav, then its like u hav 2 buy it & i didnt, then it wont shut up &im like wut ever let me play my games they cant be infected i always delete my emails, then it said ssomething about some1 stealing money from my credit card, but theres a promblem: i dont hav a credit card. So there are 3 reasons how i knew it wuz spam, this said, it keeps on stalkin me, & i dont hav a credit card & it said i did

i went on it was fine but when i exited it security tool came up and said i had 368 trojans i installed it and it scanned my computer. it said my hardrive was under a serious threat. everytime i tried to remove these trojans via security tool it said i had to pay. it also blocked out Norton 360 (which is my antivirus software) and windows task manager.

can't remove security tool from my computer please help

I got this virus from facebook also... On my way to talk to the Geek Squad at best buy....

I went and used my task manager, and it seemed to work. But when I powered up my computer again, it came back, and now it says that my task manager is infected with a worm and won't let it open. What should I do? It is realy pissing me off.

hey it is really serious I need your help!!! i got the virus on my computer and purchased it. Now I got ride of it but how am I suppose to get my money back??? IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT HELP!!! I DONT WANT THEM TO USE MY CREDIT CARD!!!!!

stephanie earls Reply

this si the most rdiculous thing i have seen we need to get rid of this if anyone knows how id appreciate a reply this is bs!

pleace tell me how to rewmove it i cant to remove it

Please anyone I need help...I got this on my new laptop while I was on the website facebook myself and I have no idea how to get rid of it...someone anyone plz help. I went back to best buy and a memeber of the geek sqad told me that it would cost me an additonal 199.00 besides my warranty to remove this.

Grrrrrrrr!!! This nasty security Tool Virus has done the same to my computer, Reading other comments I have found that the ALT, CTRL & DELETE trick DO WORK so you can work on your computer.However I do have a anti spy-ware(spyzooka) on board, and have just sent them a email asking for their HELP as It should had STOP it getting on there in the 1st place will update you all if they come up with any conclusion to this problem. If not it will be back to the old drawing board, but whatever I will write a reply.... In the mean time try
the Control, Alt & Delete when Task manager will comes up.. click on "process" then click on the long number sequence, then click on "End Process", You have to do this each time, but at least no more pop ups from Security Tool ! Good Luck

holly carleton Reply

i think it should be against the law to scam a person like that


My brother had security Tool.
1) DO NOT buy it.
2) If you can, then delete the account and start on a new one. Preferably saving files first.
3) If 2 is not possible then click through F1-F12 (It is probably F9 OR F10)
4)It will come up with a startup script or something.
5) Complete and your problem is solved.

P.S Niot all computers are the same so this may only work on laptops but is definetely worth it as it saves so much time.

Hope everything works now!!!!

Me dad got me a comp. for christmas, and my brothers and I all have logins, and one of them was playing an online game and then, when he closed it, It had this thing open called SECURITY TOOL, and I don't know what to do, I clicked on my SYMANTEC ENDPOINT PROTECTION icon, (It's a real thing that protects, windows developed it) and it didn't open. now every about 15 seconds it pops up saying, intercepting programs that may compromise your system have been detected that may end in the loss of personal data blablablablabla, I'm only thirteen, but know a lot about computers, and I am stumped here, what do I do?

please help me to remove security tool,i can t do anything.
Thx you.

hi am 70 yrs old, got this security tool on my comp.
please can you help me remove it
would be most grateful



hey im nikil 16 yrs ol...js gt dis virus 2dy n i hav no idea watsoeva on hw 2 fix it...uninstallin, deletin, etc nun of em wrkin, nd wts wrse, nun of my programs r bein allowd 2 open so evn tho i downlod anti virus frm de internet, im nt bein able 2 use it..i am officialy desp 4 help..!

I need help removing this "virus" i need my computer to work. i am not sure how to get rif of it. PLEASE HELP ME!
Thank you

how do I get my money back is all I need to know??

Security Tool anti-spyware program is FAKE and a big time nightmare.
My PC was infected by the so called security Tool virus last week on 5/12/2010.
Please becareful and do not purchase their program/package, please read all the fine print. Their membership package amount changes from $79.00 to $2,300.02 when you are about to confirm your credit charge through the bank. Check the amount charge before your hit that submit box. I hope that you guys have credit card protection.
If your PC is infected by that virus, please try to fix it ASAP with in 24hrs, if you dont, its going to be a nightmare for you, security tool windows keep popping up every 3 to 5 seconds which does prevent you from doing your virus clean up. You may also find it difficult to download the different program to fix our PC. what I did was I had to run my PC back up program DVD and install your PC to its manufactures setup. Please dont forget to do a SAVE files or program before you reinstall your PC, your will lose all your files. I hope this will work out for you.
Thank you for reading this note.

some how security tool got on my laptop and i can't get rid of it.
how do i get it off my laptop

Ive had security tool before and ive had to get it fixed. Security tool is a very popular virus to get from a website caled *FACEBOOK*

Security Tool CAN pass MOST internet protection programs. Right now im downloading this program and from what ive heard this removes security tool. I just got a warning from security tool and since ive had experience with security tool this time im taking action before it gets to bad. It will get worse and worse over time so if you have this virus try to remove it within 16 hours of it's first warning. NEVER get your credit card information to this program.



Got this today and it is a pain.
To remove it(I'm MS xp):
Search - files - all files and folders
type *.exe in phrases
drop down advanced options
click on hidden files
find file that is nothing but numbers
right click on the numbers file
give it a name that would never be used in an app. I used "crap"
restart your machine
Security tool should be gone

It worked for me. Hope it does for you

Hi all just solved this:
.Start your computer and keep pressing F8 till a menu appears,
.Select safe mode (the program doesnt activate in safe mode)
.When your computer has booted click start and in the search bar type, security.
.You should see a blue icon with secruity and a number next to it.
.RIGHT click on it and select, open file location.
.Right click on the file and select delete.
.Empty your recycle bin.

Thats it
Hope it helps

keep tapping F8 as your computer starts up

Hi i logged on to a website and just got security tools please please please please some ons to help me as it's stop me from running all my progammes even facebook sometime's please please someone help a.s.a.p hope someone can it's doingmy head in now hope someone can help

My partner was on google looking at tractor images and security and our computer started freaking out saying we had viruses all over... security tool wouldn't go away it was the internet that recommended it... so we payed for it.. since then we've had no problems but i cant find it anywhere in my computer and i'm rather worried..the money has come out but i'm worried i'll get charged again as we have little money :/ What do i do? can anyone help me?


You need to call your credit card company to request a charge-back as soon as possible. Unfortunately you will have to cancel your credit card because the hackers who created Security Tool have your credit card information and may use it at anytime to charge it again.

I have no I dea how it got on my computer.....but I know that if I don't get it off my dad will lose it!

I don't know how i got security tool but now it keep popping up every second, it's doin ma head in and i need help fast before i break my laptop

Glennie Tate II Reply

Some how i have gotten the security tool on my startup bar and it keeps interrupting my programs. I did not sign for this and I want it off now. Thanks for your help.

My laptop will shut off within 20 mins after i log on... Its really frustrating espicially while having a conversation with someone or working on a school project! How do i uninstall it?!

Hi there, please dont panic, i have spent all morning trying to fix a friends laptop that had the security tool on it and like all of you i couldnt do any scans for spyware, i couldnt get into msconfig, its even that clever that if you try to get into the programs settings and stop it from booting up on start up it wont let you do it, so guys and gals try this, as soon as you are loading up the the windows screen press ctrl, alt and del, brings up task manager, click on processes, You will see a number at the top of the list now before doing anything else you need to locate the file, hopefully the security tool is in your start window menu showing recently used files, right click this to get its properties, click on the "open file location" it will bring up a window and show where the file is. now flick back to task manager and end the process for the numbered program, now quickly go back to the other window that shows the file and delete it, you have to be quick or the program will open again. When you have done this go straight to your RECYCLE BIN and empty it. Reboot your pc/laptop and hopefully you are up and running again 🙂

when you have booted up, run a spyware scan to make sure all traces of security tool have gone, hope this was easy to follow

Thank you. That was so simple and it's cleared it up. Will be telling husband not to click on anything on Facebook any more!!

To all affected by Security Tool

I had this nasty spyware in my computer however I mamanged to get risd of it totally although it took me a while.
To start with, I would suggest not to sign up to any other software claimig to eliminate the problem as this could indeed be another hoax.
What I did was simply rebooting the computer meaning installing the operating system afresh. there are generally 2 ways to do so,either by recovery disc (supplied by the manufacturer) or without it. the first one did not work for me as security tool somehow stopped running the disc. the other way is rebooting using either F8 or F11 key so that the screen takes you to "run recovery" screen and then it will guide to how to complete the process.I suggest to consult computer's user manual or ask someone about the timing of hitting F keys
Just make sure you have a back up of all your data beforehand, as you might lose all your data on your computer. Some computers have the option of retaining some data but to be on the safe side, it's better to wipe out all the data.
As I mentioned, I have got rid of the this huge nuisance and am hoping every one else will.
All the best
As I mentioned I mamanged

Security Tool is a pain in the you know what. It slipped by me and i am having a really hard time getting rid of it. Where are the governments to throw these bums in jail for their extortion scheme.

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Construction Debris Reply

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spyware prevention Reply

Thanks for all the useful information on your blog site.

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