SampleLight Description

SampleLight is a dubious application, equipped with adware capabilities. Its operators use it to target Mac users predominantly and earn monetary gains by delivering unwanted advertisements to their devices. Like most intrusive applications of this type, SampleLight also resorts to various underhanded tactics for its distribution. For example, cybersecurity researchers have found the application being spread via dubious websites that urge users to update their Adobe Flash Player. As a result, SampleLight also has been classified as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program).

Besides being extremely annoying and diminishing the user experience on the affected device, the advertisements generated by SampleLight could be promoting untrustworthy destinations or software products. Users could be presented with advertisements for online tactics, phishing schemes, suspicious adult-oriented platforms and more. They also could encounter offers for applications that, when installed on the Mac, turn out to be other intrusive PUPs.

Keeping PUPs on your devices increases the risk of having your browsing activities tracked, collected and transmitted. After all, this is a common functionality observed in various PUPs. The applications could monitor the browsing history, search history and clicked URLs. They also could harvest numerous device details or, in some cases, even extract autofill data from affected Web browsers. This information typically consists of sensitive banking or payment details, as well as account credentials.