One-on-One Technical Assistance to Solve the Toughest Malware Issues

SpyHunter and its HelpDesk differ from other anti-malware products in their commitment to going to extra lengths in working with subscribers to assist in removing stubborn malware and addressing other system issues. SpyHunter HelpDesk is included with your SpyHunter subscription at no additional charge!

Automated Custom Fixes for Difficult Malware

Our HelpDesk technicians can create and deliver personalized custom fixes specific to the problems infecting your system.

One-on-One Access to Our Technical Support Team

SpyHunter’s HelpDesk gives paid subscribers and certain free trial version users direct access to our technical support team.

Advanced Multi-Level Protection

The combined power of SpyHunter’s advanced malware detection and remediation engine and the SpyHunter HelpDesk, a one-on-one technical support service, helps users defend against ever-changing computer threats.

SpyHunter HelpDesk:
Included with SpyHunter for FREE!

SpyHunter’s built-in HelpDesk allows paid subscribers and certain free trial version users to elect to connect directly with our technicians as needed in the uncommon instance when SpyHunter is unable to resolve a complex malware issue automatically. SpyHunter and the SpyHunter HelpDesk are completely integrated; you never have to leave SpyHunter to receive help! SpyHunter’s HelpDesk helps you save time by eliminating long and frustrating phone calls and hold times; you don’t have to pick up a phone to initiate a request for help.

How SpyHunter HelpDesk Helps You Deal with Hard-to-Remove Malware

SpyHunter HelpDesk for SpyHunter subscribers combines our latest advanced malware removal technology with interactive, integrated customer technical support. The SpyHunter HelpDesk allows you to automatically provide our technical support agents information specific to your unique system that they can use to diagnose even the most difficult malware infections and provide you with custom fixes.

Custom Malware Fixes to Address Your Computer’s Unique Issues

If SpyHunter 5 is not able to resolve an issue automatically, the SpyHunter HelpDesk allows subscribers to generate and submit a system-specific Diagnostic Report to our technical support team for custom analysis. If our technical support team discovers any potential issues, they can create a custom fix, specific to your system, to be automatically applied using SpyHunter 5’s advanced malware removal engine.

Learn How to Send a Diagnostic Report

Have Any Questions for Our Technical Support Team? Submit a Support Ticket

SpyHunter’s HelpDesk is designed to allow subscribers to quickly and easily create support tickets. If you are experiencing any issues or have any questions, comments or suggestions related to SpyHunter, we strongly encourage you to open a support ticket with SpyHunter’s HelpDesk. Please note that SpyHunter’s HelpDesk services, as described throughout this section, are only available for paid subscribers and certain free trial version users.

Learn How to Submit a Support Ticket

Direct Access to Premium Technical Support (Included FREE with SpyHunter)

SpyHunter’s HelpDesk offers paid subscribers and certain free trial version users one-on-one customer care, included at no extra charge.

In addition to custom fixes, our technicians can connect to your computer, upon your specific request as needed, with a remote control session to assist with unresolved issues. Our technicians are available by phone, email, and through the SpyHunter HelpDesk ticketing system.

Proactively Combat Ever-Evolving Malware

Cybercriminals and hackers constantly update and alter malware to avoid detection by anti-malware utilities like SpyHunter. To proactively combat ever-evolving malware and other threats and issues, SpyHunter’s malware detection databases are frequently updated. SpyHunter also connects to our cloud servers for additional malware identification capabilities. Intelligence gathered or developed from diagnostic reports is utilized in updating our malware definitions. We also trawl the web to collect and analyze ever-changing malware from the dark corners of the Internet. Although no anti-virus program can assure 100%, 24/7 effectiveness, SpyHunter is designed to detect and remove even the most persistent malware. This is one of the reasons the SpyHunter HelpDesk is a powerful tool to assist our users.