SpyHunter的反間諜幫助中心是什麽? 反間諜幫助中心屏幕截圖

Further enhancing the seamless user experience of SpyHunter, the Spyware HelpDesk for SpyHunter subscribers has combined the latest in advanced malware removal technology with 24/7 customer support through its interactive services. SpyHunter's Spyware HelpDesk provides subscribers with several levels of support to resolve even the toughest malware problems. The Spyware HelpDesk includes a customer support ticketing system that allows subscribers direct access to our technical support team. Also included are tools that can be used by subscribers to generate diagnostic reports which can be used to analyze a subscriber’s unique system and develop custom fixes for their individual issues. Our technical support team can also, at your option, provide you with phone support and remote assistance to assist with any issues. All of these features are included with the SpyHunter subscription at no additional charge. The combined power of SpyHunter's Spyware HelpDesk and advanced malware detection and remediation engine are engineered to help users combat ever-changing computer threats, risks and issues.



網絡犯罪分子和黑客不斷更新和更改惡意軟件,以避免被SpyHunter等反惡意軟件實用程序檢測到。為了主動應對不斷變化的惡意軟件和其他威脅和問題,SpyHunter的惡意軟件檢測數據庫經常更新。SpyHunter還連接到我們的雲服務器,以獲得額外的惡意軟件識別功能。從診斷報告中收集或開發的情報用於更新我們的惡意軟件定義。我們還搜索網絡,以收集和分析來自互聯網黑暗角落的不斷變化的惡意軟件。雖然沒有反病毒程序可以確保100%,24/7的有效性,但SpyHunter旨在檢測,阻止和刪除最持久的惡意軟件。這是Spyware HelpDesk是壹個幫助訂閱者的強大工具的一個原因。




If neither SpyHunter nor the Spyware HelpDesk custom fix is able to resolve a subscriber's issue, subscribers have the option to have our customer support technicians contact them by phone. Our technicians can conduct a remote control session on the subscriber’s PC to assist with unresolved issues.