How to Send a Diagnostic Report (Support Log)

If SpyHunter 5 is not able to resolve an issue automatically, you should contact our support department.

Our support department may request that you transmit a Diagnostic Report so that they may analyze your system to offer assistance.

Note: If your issue is that privacy issues/cookies are recurring after you have removed them, you do not need to send us a Diagnostic Report. Please go to "Cookies Recurring on every Scan" for detailed information on recurring privacy issues/cookies.

Also, before sending us a Diagnostic Report, please read "List of Common Problems After a SpyHunter 5 Removal Operation". If this article does not help to resolve your problem, then we invite you to send us a Diagnostic Report.

Reasons to Send a Diagnostic Report

Typically, SpyHunter 5 is able to remove malware and/or address other objects. Nonetheless, no anti-virus program can assure 100%, 24/7 effectiveness. If you have recently run a SpyHunter 5 scan and no objects were detected, but you are noticing unexpected behavior or performance issues with your computer, it is possible that there may be undetected malware or other objects on your system. Even if you do not notice any abnormalities, the SpyHunter 5 Spyware HelpDesk allows you to have our technical support team occasionally conduct an additional analysis of your system. The SpyHunter 5 HelpDesk allows you to generate a Diagnostic Report which can then be transmitted to our technical support team for custom analysis. If our technical support team discovers any potential issues, they can create a customized fix, specific to your system, to automatically resolve the issue, directly within SpyHunter 5. The Diagnostic Report includes information on executable files currently running in memory, data in Registry auto-start locations and certain executable files that may not have been identified by SpyHunter 5. You will have the opportunity to review the Diagnostic Report data before you opt to transmit it to our support team.

This ongoing service is one of the added features of your SpyHunter 5 paid subscription.

Instructions on How to Send Diagnostic Report with SpyHunter 5 HelpDesk

Through its updated definitions, SpyHunter 5 is designed to help identify and address the latest malware and/or other objects on your system. Before sending a Diagnostic Report, please make sure that you have the most up-to-date SpyHunter 5 definitions installed. Using SpyHunter 5 with an out-of-date definition file may result in SpyHunter 5's scan not detecting some objects. Be aware that we release updates regularly for your benefit and convenience. To confirm that you have the most recent updates installed, please click the "Settings" menu item in the main window and then, click the "General" tab. Then, click "Check for update now!" (located to the right of the "Automatically check for updates" checkbox). If an update is available, please rescan your system.

SpyHunter 5's Spyware HelpDesk allows you to transmit a snapshot of the configuration of your system which will allow our technicians to faster and more efficiently assist you.

Please DO NOT send us the Diagnostic Report information attached to your customer support ticket message body.

If there are visible signs of malware or other objects, do not close or stop any window, toolbar, flashing icon or any other occurrence before generating and transmitting the Diagnostic Report. One of the sections of the Diagnostic Report identifies objects running in memory. If you close windows and/or stop toolbars and flashing icons, you may temporarily remove an object from memory. Also, if you notice recurring objects that persist after removal, please provide us with the names of these objects as displayed in SpyHunter 5 so that we may assist you.

Follow the instructions below to transmit a Diagnostic Report:

Note: Before proceeding, please make sure that your firewall (if installed) is configured to allow SpyHunter 5 full access to the Internet.

  1. Open "SpyHunter 5" on your computer. In the main window, click the "HelpDesk" menu item. Screenshoot
  2. Next, click the "Diagnostic Report" tab in the "HelpDesk" menu. Screenshoot
  3. Then, click on the blue "Generate Report" button. Please wait for SpyHunter 5 to generate a Diagnostic Report. Screenshoot
  4. When the report is ready, click on the "Transmit" button. A dialog box will appear asking you whether you are sending the report upon request from a customer support agent. If your submission is not the result of a customer support agent request, you should enter a brief description explaining why you are sending a Diagnostic Report. If you have noticed recurring objects detected by SpyHunter 5, please mention them here to assist our technical support team in diagnosing any issues. Screenshoot
  5. Next, click the "Transmit Diagnostic Report" button, located at the bottom right corner of the window Screenshoot. Once the Diagnostic Report submission has completed, you will be informed that the "Diagnostic Report Transmitted". Screenshoot
  6. If you have not already done so, please open a support ticket indicating that you have transmitted the Diagnostic Report. If available, please include a detailed description of any issues that you are experiencing so that our technicians can better and faster assist you. To submit a support ticket, you can either log in to the "My Account" page, or open SpyHunter 5 and go to the HelpDesk.

Note: It's very important that you inform our technicians that you have transmitted a Diagnostic Report so that we can provide you with prompt assistance. Again, please add as much information as possible to your support ticket to aid our technicians. Even if you have already opened a support ticket and provided a description of the problem, please add a brief comment to inform us that you have sent a Diagnostic Report. DO NOT paste the Diagnostic Report into the body of the support ticket.

Our technical support team will analyze your Diagnostic Report and contact you via the SpyHunter 5 Spyware HelpDesk.

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