Key Features

SpyHunter offers numerous useful features designed to detect and remove malware and other threats and to protect your system from future malware infection, hacker attacks and cybersecurity risks. SpyHunter Pro offers additional premium features for enhanced privacy protection and system optimization.

Malware Detection & Removal

SpyHunter has been carefully designed from the ground up to be powerful enough for the most demanding technical professional, yet simple enough for a first-time computer user to utilize safely and effectively. In just a few clicks, SpyHunter’s advanced scanner will scan your system, including memory, registry, cookies, and files. SpyHunter’s automated and easy-to-use removal engine provides novice and expert users the ability to effectively remove trojans, ransomware, worms, viruses, spyware, rootkits, keyloggers, browser hijackers, adware, and other threats.

Advanced System Guards Automatically Block Malware

SpyHunter’s highly optimized system guards, included with SpyHunter’s paid subscription and certain free trial versions, are preconfigured to automatically launch and activate to continuously keep your computer safe by preventing the download and execution of malware and other threats before they can harm your system and compromise your privacy and personal data. SpyHunter’s System Guards are specifically engineered to function in the background to provide optimal security protection while not unnecessarily impeding system performance.

Detection & Removal of Potentially Unwanted Programs & Privacy Issues

SpyHunter can detect and remove potentially unwanted programs (“PUPs”). PUPs are programs a user may perceive as unwanted, such as advertising software, unwanted software, grayware, and other nuisances. Users have the option to exclude these objects from being detected and/or blocked on a program-by-program basis, if they wish.

Popular web browsers and websites may often use cookies to customize the user experience. In some cases, these cookies may be deployed by websites to extensively track a user’s online activity. Cookies may present privacy issues for users since they may store personal information about web browsing habits and history. SpyHunter can detect and remove behavioral tracking and cookies identified by EnigmaSoft as presenting potential privacy issues.

Powerful Vulnerability Scan to Thwart Hacker Attacks

Hackers often exploit vulnerabilities that are hidden in commonly used software to install malware and steal your personal data. SpyHunter includes a vulnerability scan designed to help identify legitimate programs on your system that may contain reported vulnerabilities. Users can use this information to repair or update vulnerabilities to increase their security.


Enhanced Privacy Protection

SpyHunter Pro allows you to easily perform multiple Windows and web browser cleanup tasks that can remove sensitive data, including your browsing history, to improve your personal privacy and security.


Optimizations Scan

SpyHunter Pro allows you to easily perform a number of PC optimization tasks that can free up additional disk space and remove sensitive data to improve your personal privacy and security. SpyHunter Pro also includes functionality to scan the Windows Registry for potentially invalid and unnecessary objects.


File Shredder

SpyHunter’s File Shredder is designed to provide an easy method to securely and permanently erase data that you decide that you no longer want. When you use normal methods to delete Windows files, data remains on your computer, which may be recovered with specialized software. SpyHunter’s File Shredder is designed to completely eradicate sensitive information so that it can never be recovered. SpyHunter allows you to choose from a variety of deletion algorithms, including DoD, NIST, and NSA standards. You can also use File Shredder to securely erase all files found in your Windows Recycle Bin, completely preventing recovery.


Secure Disk Erase

SpyHunter Pro allows you to securely erase entire disks with just a few clicks. This functionality can help to protect your privacy in cases where you wish to sell or give away an unneeded drive.


Duplicate File Scan

SpyHunter Pro’s Duplicate File Scan is designed to efficiently scan your system for duplicate content. The Duplicate File Scan analyzes the actual file content when scanning for duplicates, so it can easily locate duplicated data even if the files have completely different names. Many users can reclaim significant disk space by removing unneeded duplicate files.


Large File Scan

SpyHunter Pro’s Large File Scan is designed to efficiently scan your system for large files that may be unnecessarily consuming disk space. The Large File Scan identifies files in common user-content locations that are larger than 256 MB. The Large File Scan is a very useful tool to identify large media files and other content that you may wish to delete or archive to free up valuable disk space.

Heuristic Detection Capabilities

Advanced persistent threats, including many rootkits, often use file hiding and encryption techniques to attempt to avoid detection by security software. SpyHunter's heuristic detection capabilities aim to unmask these deceptive practices and attempt to identify zero-day threats.

SpyHunter employs forms of artifical intelligence (such as complex rules-based detection logic and advanced behavioral analysis) to proactively recognize malicious traits commonly associated with malware and other threats. For example, SpyHunter can automatically block unknown executables that attempt to manipulate system security settings and connect to external systems that may be linked to cybercriminals.

Safe System-Level Malware Removal

In many cases, malware objects may be inadvertently locked by the Windows operating system and can be difficult to remove or quarantine when users want to remove them. SpyHunter employs a specialized process to boot the system into a customized environment that runs beneath Windows and allows SpyHunter to remediate malware at the lower levels of the system.

User-Friendly Interface

SpyHunter has been developed and engineered with precision programming to provide sophisticated online protection and security, while still offering an intuitive, user-friendly interface to bring added simplicity to your digital life.

SpyHunter’s HelpDesk: One-on-One Technical Assistance to Solve the Toughest Malware Issues

SpyHunter includes the SpyHunter HelpDesk, which offers interactive one-on-one access to our customer support team for users of paid versions of SpyHunter or when included in a promotion. If SpyHunter 5 is not able to automatically remove a malware object, our one-on-one customer technical support team, included FREE with SpyHunter, can help you with unique issues.
Learn more about how SpyHunter HelpDesk works

One-on-One Direct Access to Customer Support

SpyHunter’s HelpDesk offers one-on-one direct access to our technical support team to help with malware-related issues as needed as well as deliver custom fixes for specific malware problems. You can access SpyHunter’s HelpDesk as many times as you like for help with all of your malware-related problems.

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Network Settings

SpyHunter offers control over a variety of Network settings via the Settings panel area. These settings aim to help prevent malicious objects from modifying and disrupting your Internet connection. SpyHunter’s Network settings include HOSTS file protection, as well as the ability to protect Windows system files from unauthorized modifications.

SpyHunter also has the ability to monitor your DNS settings and notify you if an unsolicited modification takes place. This helps to prevent dangerous Trojan and malware authors from redirecting you to a phishing or malware website.

Scan Scheduler

SpyHunter can be easily configured to automatically scan your system for malware and other threats at specific times or intervals preset by you. Scheduled scans are configured to run automatically, even if you are away from your computer. Scans can be scheduled to run at daily, weekly and monthly intervals.


When you remove a detected object with SpyHunter, it is securely encrypted and safely stored in SpyHunter’s isolated Quarantine area. This gives you the ability to restore objects from Quarantine if desired after the removal process.


SpyHunter’s Exclusions feature allows users to specify objects to exclude from blocking and detection in future SpyHunter system scans, based on users’ own choices and preferences.

Numerous Configuration Options for Advanced Users

SpyHunter lets novice users with little to no computer skill easily detect, block and remove malware by simply installing and activating. For more advanced computer users, SpyHunter offers a high-level of user control over the program’s operations including the ability to customize scanning features, manage real-time protection and customize other program operations.