Did Not Receive 'Account Information' Email with Account Info?

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Here are some possible scenarios as to why you might not have received the "Account Information" email:

  • Either your spam blocker, your ISP or your email client are blocking the "Account Information" email. We recommend that you check your email account spam folder to ensure that the "Account Information" email has not been filtered as spam.
  • You mistyped your email address during the purchase process. If you believe that you mistyped your email address at the time of the purchase, please contact our support department.

If, for any reason, you did not receive your "Account Information" email, please contact our support department. You can reach our support department by calling +1-888-360-0646 (US only) or +1-727-386-7260 (International) and choosing option 2. You can also contact our support department by emailing support@enigmasoftware.com.

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