Threat Database Rogue Websites 'Apple Security Center' Scam

'Apple Security Center' Scam

Cybersecurity experts are warning users about a rogue website running a technical support tactic consisting of multiple warnings presented as if coming from the 'Apple Security Center.' The untrustworthy page is likely to show several pop-ups filled with seemingly alarming security information. Users may see scan reports (functionality that no website possesses on its own) and numerous threat reports. The fake warnings may claim to be an 'Apple Security Center' alert or 'Apple- Security Warning.' The hoax messages will try to convince users that their Apple device is infected with a Trojan Spyware and as a result has been blocked.

After establishing their fake premise and trying to scare unsuspecting users with numerous fake claims of malware infections, technical support schemes typically leave a phone number that will supposedly connect users to 'expert technicians,' 'professional support,' etc. However, on the other side of the phone line will be con artists ready to take advantage of any callers.

In most tactics of this type, the bogus support operators will ask to receive remote access to the user's device. The actions afterward will depend on the particular goals of the fraudsters. For example, they may pretend to clean the system from the non-existent threats and then demand users pay exorbitant fees for the service. These people may remove the present anti-malware solutions to deploy malware threats, such as spyware, Trojans, backdoors, ransomware and more. The technical support tactic also may have features associated with phishing where the con artists use social-engineering tactics to extract private information from their victims.


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