When you remove objects with SpyHunter for Mac, they are stored in an encrypted secure quarantine area. If you would like to restore a previously removed object, you can do so through the "Quarantine" tab (pictured below).

To access the "Quarantine" tab, click the "Malware/Mac Scan" tab and then click the "Quarantine" (1) tab. Previously removed objects will be listed in the "Quarantined Objects" (2) area, along with the time and date that you removed them from your system. To restore an object, just select the checkbox on the left of the object and click the "Restore" (3) button. You can restore ALL previously removed objects listed in the Quarantine tab by checking the "Select All" (4) checkbox and clicking the "Restore" (3) button. To remove an object from Quarantine, you can select the checkbox to the left of the object and then click the "Remove" (5) button. Important: If you remove an object from "Quarantine", you will lose the ability to restore the object.