Unknown Objects

This tab displays a list of objects that are running in memory or configured to automatically start (which can be a potential warning flag for malware) which SpyHunter for Mac could not categorize through its definitions file. You may enable any program(s) identified as unknown objects that you are familiar with and wish to keep by selecting "Enabled" in the selection box next to it. Alternatively, you may leave any programs disabled that you do not recognize. Disabled programs can be re-enabled at any time through the "Disabled" section, in the "Malware/Mac Scan" dialog.

Note: Objects that you choose to disable are encrypted, deactivated, and backed up in a separate "Disabled" storage area, which is accessible via the SpyHunter for Mac "Disabled" section. Disabled objects can be re-enabled and restored to your system through this interface. The "Disabled" storage area is independent from SpyHunter for Mac's "Quarantine" area. Disabling an object also attempts to disable the object's auto-start capabilities.