My Security Shield

My Security Shield Description

Type: Rogue Anti-Virus Program

ScreenshotMy Security Shield is a rogue security program that should not be trusted. My Security Shield can enter a system via malicious online scanners, malicious websites or sneaky Trojans. Once My Security Shield is inside a system, My Security Shield will create fake malware files and run a bogus system scan which will detect those files as dangerous malware that can only be removed with the "full version" of My Security Shield. Users are advised to ignore all security notifications displayed by My Security Shield and have the rogueware removed from your system upon detection.

My Security Shield, a new member of the FakeVimes family, was discovered near the beginning of August of 2010. Since that time, its designers have created other malicious applications very similar to that of My Security Shield which use the same aggressive tactics that push computer users into purchasing a full edition of a bogus security application. Among My Security shield family members are Virus Melt, Presto TuneUp, Fast Antivirus 2009, Extra Antivirus, Windows Security Suite, Smart Virus Eliminator, Packed.Generic.245, Volcano Security Suite, Windows Enterprise Suite, Enterprise Suite, Additional Guard, PC Live Guard, Live PC Care, Live Enterprise Suite, Security Antivirus, My Security Wall, CleanUp Antivirus, Smart Security, Windows Protection Suite, Windows Work Catalyst.

My Security Shield is also known to display a specific type of alert message that not only warns of a detected threat but says the affected PC has a 'memory access problem'. Not only is this message wrong, but it could be correct in the since that My Security Shield actually causes damages.ScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshot

Technical Information

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File System Details

My Security Shield creates the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detection Count
1 file.exe 351a5543add0d8d60703932e1b4ac96f 0

Registry Details

My Security Shield creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
File name without path
My Security Shield.lnk

More Details on My Security Shield

The following messages associated with My Security Shield were found:
Warning! Virus detected
Threat Detected: Trojan-PSW.VBS.Half
Description: This is a VBScript-virus. It steals user's passwords.

Memory access problem
WindowsErrorForm has encountered a problem at address 0x1FC408.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.
If you see this error again, operational information can be irrevocably lost.

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  • a m vena:

    please help me to get rid of my security shield they are harassing
    my computer and trying to extortion me with their product for which
    I have never requested, have tried all kinds of manoevre it always
    comes back and takes control of my pc,I would be very grateful, tks

    • a m vena :

      not sure if spy hunter was successful first time around never got response pop up so I could have error fixed I am running it over again please advise if I am duplicating and if errors were fixed
      and was it succesful in destroying the brand my security shield tks

    • jason trepanier:

      i am having the same problem no way to uninstall help me

  • hacker:

    Tengo el antidoto para este molestoso troyano,spyware, entonces vamos a INICIO , si tienes windows XP clic en EJECUTAR , y aki escribes REGEDIT., Para los tienen WINDOWS 7(clic en INICIO luego,existe una barra donde dice Buscar Programas y Archivos-esta mini barra no es mas que nuestro EJECUTAR...JEJEJ..)
    (abre REGEDIT)
    una vez dentro abrir la llave N.- 2 de nuestro REGEDIT :
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER (luego clic en la flecha que esta lado izquierdo de la carpeta SOFTWARE,se habre una lista de carpetas,(Ubica la carpeta MICROSOFT), aki nuevamente clic en la flecha lado izquierdo de la carpeta MICROSOFT,se habrira una nueva lista de carpetas,(Ubica la carpeta WINDOWS),aki nuevamente clic en la flecha lado izquierdo de la carpeta WINDOWS,se habrira una nueva lista de carpetas,(ubica la carpeta CURRENTVERSION),aki nuevamente clic en la flecha lado izquierdo de la carpeta CURRENTVERSION, aparecera una lista un poco larga seguidamente ubicar la carpeta RUN y dar clic sobre esta carpeta ....
    aparecera del lado derecho una lista de programas que inicia en nuestro sistema operativo ..AKI veras a nuestro incomodo molestoso,falso clean software,MY SEGURITY SHIELD .,llevas el puntero de tu mause(RATON) y das clic derecho sobre MY SEGURITY SHIELD, luego clic en ELIMINAR , para terminar cierras REGEDIT, Y REINICIAS TU PC . .... ya no mas aparecera este MALWARE.

  • Amy Colvard:

    Cant get my security shield off my computer! popping up in my face every other time I try to access anything! HELP

  • Meg Kat:

    I am having same problem, sept i cannot pull up task manager. I get annoying pop-ups and such, and cannot run spy-ware doctor... or spyhunters direction scan. Even though they are installed.

  • Dan from Illinois:

    My security shield infected my wifes computer. I tried Norton, Mcafee, Spybot, and even the MS scanner software and none could remove the malware until I tried this software. It worked great. I highly recommend it........

  • jeremy:

    I came home one day and found this my security sheld there was no way to get rid of it i could already tell it was a virus ugh i need help to get rid of it.

  • guadalupe alfaro:

    please help me to get rid of my security shield they are harassing
    my computer and trying to extortion me with their product for which
    I have never requested, have tried all kinds of manoevre it always
    comes back and takes control of my pc,I would be very grateful, tks

  • Dusty Rham:

    This is the worst software in the world. You use it once and remove and out of nowhere in installs a new version and locks up the machine. They must this this is funny, but the whole thing sucks and so does their software. Getting rid of it is a pain in the a**, just like the software itself.

  • Simon Dekker:

    I ran into Spy Shield and it took control of my computer with continuous fake pop-up security message. The computer was rendered unusable. To get rid of the malicious spyware, I booted the machine in the safe mode with network capability. When booting press the F-8 key several times until a text prompt comes up. Use the arrow keys to select the safe mode with network. Hit the return key and the system boots. Note the word "safe" in the upper portion of the screen.

    Use another browser like Safari, Chrom or Firefox to search for Spyhunter. Once you are on SpyHunters website, from Enigma, type in "Spy Shield" and down load the Spyhunter software. Run the scan and a malicious "run once" will be found. Make sure this routine is disabled in SpyHunter. The Spy Shield problem goes away. SpyHunter worked for me. I have used the product for several months now and the support is excellent.