Windows Enterprise Suite

Threat Scorecard

Threat Level: 100 % (High)
Infected Computers: 2
First Seen: December 1, 2009
Last Seen: December 15, 2020
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Windows Enterprise Suite Image

Windows Enterprise Suite is another false pretender from the notorious FakeVimes family of rogue anti-spyware programs. Windows Enterprise Suite installs itself onto the compromised computer unexpectedly and operates undetected by using various types of Trojans. Once active the rogue Windows Enterprise Suite will make its own alterations to the Registry and the System32 directory. The host Operating System will now start to fulfil the rogue's malicious commands. Soon a random PC usage session will be activated with a fake scan which will report false results. The Windows Enterprise Suite will claim to have detected malicious applications on your computer and try to frighten you into buying a licensed copy. Windows Enterprise Suite promises to handle all the forged threats which are really not on your PC at all. Windows Enterprise Suite is an untrustworthy and threatening utility. It is highly recommend that you remove Windows Enterprise Suite's rogue anti-spyware program from your computer.

Representatives of this malicious program include security tools such as Virus Melt, Presto TuneUp, Fast Antivirus 2009, Extra Antivirus, Windows Security Suite, Smart Virus Eliminator, Packed.Generic.245, Volcano Security Suite, Enterprise Suite, Additional Guard, PC Live Guard, Live PC Care, Live Enterprise Suite, Security Antivirus, My Security Wall, CleanUp Antivirus, Smart Security, Windows Protection Suite, Windows Work Catalyst.


15 security vendors flagged this file as malicious.

Anti-Virus Software Detection
NOD32 a variant of Win32/Kryptik.AZH
Ikarus Trojan.Win32.Cutwail
a-squared Trojan.Win32.Cutwail!IK
Panda Trj/Zlob.KH
NOD32 Win32/Adware.VirusAlarmPro
Kaspersky Trojan-Downloader.Win32.FraudLoad.wvts
K7AntiVirus Trojan.Win32.Malware.1
Fortinet W32/FraudLoad.WVTS!tr.dldr
Comodo Heur.Suspicious
Avast Win32:Malware-gen
AhnLab-V3 Win-Trojan/Fakeav.1918976
Symantec Suspicious.MH690.A
Sophos Mal/FakeAV-AX
Symantec Trojan.FakeAV
Sunbelt Trojan.Win32.Generic!SB.0

SpyHunter Detects & Remove Windows Enterprise Suite

Windows Enterprise Suite Video

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File System Details

Windows Enterprise Suite may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. WEbf92.exe b7fa379e1e2a8eed0f097ea58a020cf4 0
2. WE40ea.exe 9d0d0cc11fd83a4f6a65836745fee07a 0
3. WE0a39.exe a88fb136f63201c14bdf8ecae26e35f6 0
4. WE82f5.exe 87d71eb6beec7127cfc88d4e900a90e9 0
5. WEc584.exe 9b357776519d55a73f86872037889868 0
6. WEccb0.exe 5178a2fd2832912cc5520aed886ecf7e 0
7. WEc03f.exe 9590e9e1227548a6eab4bb033bdd48a6 0
8. WE2e0e.exe 22660ae24c96139ef2bc0c8ee927ed77 0
9. WEe9f0.exe acc9f9fa4ddc8a952b0bed9b19f04567 0
10. WEae92.exe 392537809ba56fd3f2814752327b474a 0


Windows Enterprise Suite may create the following directory or directories:

%AppData%\Windows Enterprise Suite


I ran the removal program, but in my Windows Security Center window, it still shows the "Enterprise Suite" as my current Virus Protection. How can i remove this from my virus protection, so I can put my original virus protection back on?

good morning,
i read your comment about windows enterprise very sad because i bought their product antivirus for the amount of 91US..they sent me the registration key for activation but until now i dont know how to activate it due to lack of information..i tried to sent mails but no response...i think im one of their victims pls help me...i dont have any idea when it comes to computer...

Thank you...and more power

Help, i really need to get this enterprise suite off my computer. I need to learn how to clean this thing up. please help

I have this f**king software. it has another name we740c.exe so be careful. i have no idea where from i got it but it is realy annoying. next day i will try to remove it with lots of software. i hope i wont get another malicious software cleaning this one

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