Most Trending Phishing in the Last 2 Weeks

# Threat Name Severity Level Alias(es) Detections
1. 'Authentication Failure' Email Scam
2. 20 % (Normal) 2,264
3. 'Security Risk for Your Email' Scam
4. 'USPS - Your Package is Waiting for Delivery' Email Scam
5. Elibomi Android Malware
6. 'COVID Pass' Scam
7. 'HelpDesk Mail Delivery Failure' Email Scam
8. 'Important Update from Mail Server Registrar' Email Scam
9. 'M&T Bank' Email Scam
10. 'Browser-in-the-Browser' Phishing Attack
11. 'Your Account Will Be Blocked' Email Scam
12. 'Error Code: W9KA528V' Tech Support Scam
13. 'META copyright infringement' Scam
14. 'Your Account Has Been Temporarily Disabled' Email Scam
15. 'Your McAfee Subscription Is Out Of Date' Scam
16. 'iPhone 12 Mini Giveaway' Pop-Up Scam
17. 'Mail Account Deactivation Notice' Email Scam
18. 'Web Access for the 2022 Version' Email Scam
19. 20 % (Normal) 378
20. 'Your Windows Got Corrupted Due to Virus' Scam
21. 'Care for the Poor and Less Privileged' Email Scam
22. 'Suspicious Malwares Detected' Email Scam
23. 'OVHCloud Suspension' Email Scam
24. "Brad Garlinghouse Crypto Giveaway" Email Scam
25. 'Salvation Army' Email Scam
26. 'Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection' Scam
27. 'Norton LifeLock' Scam
28. Coinbase Email Scam
29. '!!Rootkit!! Malware Detected' POP-UP Scam
30. 'Unusual Sign-in Activity' Email Scam

Last updated: 2023-10-09