'World Health Organization Beneficiary' Email Scam

'World Health Organization Beneficiary' Email Scam Description

Unscrupulous con artists are disseminating emails, pretending to be giving away significant amounts of funds to users. These lure emails claim to be coming from a representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in regards to the user being selected as the recipient of a $1.2 million grant. The money is supposedly being given away monthly to randomly selected individuals in an effort to relieve the financial pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic and boost private businesses. Unfortunately, this deal sounds far too good to be true and is nothing more than another phishing scheme trying to convince users to divulge sensitive private information.

The subject of the 'World Health Organization Beneficiary' scam letters could be a variation of 'World Health Organization (WHO) $1,200,000. USD Grants.' Users are told that the money is being held in a bank and will be released only after the recipient has provided the needed private information. The hoax emails specifically ask for full names, addresses, birth dates, marital status, occupation or business, email addresses, and a copy of important documents, such as passports, ID cards or driver's licenses.

The fraudsters can abuse the provided information in numerous different ways. They can attempt to take over various accounts belonging to the user, make fraudulent purchases, siphon out funds from banking accounts and more.