'iPhone 12 Mini Giveaway' Pop-Up Scam

'iPhone 12 Mini Giveaway' Pop-Up Scam Description

Users seeing the 'iPhone 12 Mini Giveaway' pop-ups should exercise caution as these pop-ups are dedicated to running a variation of a fake giveaway scam. The operators of the scheme have but sufficient efforts to make the look and design of the deceptive pop-ups as legitimate as possible. After all, they want to convince as many unsuspecting users as possible that they have a chance to win the most likely non-existent prize of an iPhone 12 Mini.

The pop-ups try to lure users with a picture of the supposed prize and imply that it could become theirs if they enter the giveaway for a small initial fee of just $3. The scammers are not solely after monetary gains, though. They also ask for numerous personal details that are most likely stored and could potentially be misused.

Users could be urged to provide their first and last names, physical address, phone number, postal code, etc. Since the scam giveaway requires the payment of a 'participation' fee, it may also ask for sensitive details such as credit/debit card numbers or banking information.

If users notice that they are encountering the ''iPhone 12 Mini Giveaway' pop-ups or other similar scams far too frequently, then they may have adware, browser hijacker, or another type of PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) present on their computer system or device. These intrusive apps are typically spread via distribution techniques that mask their installation from the attention of the user. These methods may include shady software bundles or even fake installers/updaters.