Threat Database Phishing 'Your Account Needs Attention' Email Scam

'Your Account Needs Attention' Email Scam

The 'Your Account Needs Attention' emails are being disseminated as part of a phishing scheme. The apparent goal of the attackers is to trick unsuspecting users into divulging sensitive information, such as their email account credentials. The lure scenario in this tactic utilizes the typical fake scare tactics that are often observed in such campaigns. 

The emails try to appear as legitimate notifications. They claim that the user's email service provider has changed its policy on account protection and as a result, the email account of the recipient has now been flagged as having expired updates and maintenance. Users are informed that if they do not take action, their email account will be deactivated in just a couple of hours. 

However, clicking on the conveniently provided 'UPDATE YOUR ACCOUNT' button found in the misleading email will take users to what is most likely a phishing portal. There, users will be asked to enter their account credentials and potentially other sensitive information. All of the data will subsequently be made available to the fraudsters. The compromised email account can be leveraged to access any other related accounts of the victim, such as those for social media platforms, messenger applications and more. 


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